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History of contributions to open source community to drive innovation

For 20 years IP Infusion has been delivering enterprise and carrier-grade software solutions, allowing network operators to reduce network costs, increase flexibility, and to deploy new features and services quickly.

Production deployment in Tier 1 Service Provider networks

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IP Infusion Corporate Overview

24 x 7 x 365 support to ensure network uptime

IP Infusion partners with industry leaders to help drive innovation across a diverse range of use cases. By collaborating with complementary hardware and software vendors, our customers have more choices than traditional vendor-locked models.

• CBD oil 100mg per 1ml serving (3000mg tincture)
• Tart lemon juice concentrate
• Raw organic honey
• Gummy mold pan
• Gelatin

When purchasing edibles online, it is a good practice to check on the companies’ legitimacy. If buying online check the web site for:

Here is a list of some great CBD gummies for you to try:

CBD edibles are a discreet way of administering CBD. Eating CBD gummies allows the active compounds to be absorbed through the digestive system, efficient and easy. Gummies are faster and longer lasting than CBD oils and often a single dose in the morning is all that is needed.

CBD is thought to interact with the bodies endocannabinoid system to relieve pain and help as an anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic compound.

Perhaps you would like to make your own CBD candy if you choose to make CBD gummies here is a simple recipe to follow:

Method for making CBD edibles: