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In an effort to instil trust in the sector, the CMC is introducing an industry standards charter under which all signatories would have to have their products independently tested at accredited laboratories.

The CBD market is huge – it’s worth more than the UK vitamin C and D markets combined. And that’s partly because of the high prices CBD supplements demand. Prices go as much as £80 for a 30ml bottle (that’s £681 a year if you have one drop a day as recommended), meaning there’s potential to end up seriously out of pocket for a product that’s unproven and doesn’t always contain what it claims to.

Despite this, plenty of people have reported anecdotal benefits, and CBD has become wildly popular, cropping up in everything from popcorn to sportswear.

Video: Quick guide to CBD and its legal status in the UK

This complex regulatory landscape has been muddied further by the recent classification from European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) of CBD as a ‘novel food’. This applies to products which have only become widely consumed in the EU since 1997, and therefore require a particular licence.

There’s also no uniform way of describing the concentration or strength of CBD in each product: some give it as a percentage, others use milligrams (mg) per bottle – or per dose. This can make it hard to know how much you’re taking, or to compare between products

CBD oil, the most popular type of CBD product, is classed as a food supplement. Food supplements can’t make any health claims and don’t undergo the kind of strict clinical trials a medicine would.

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Some oils contain different cannabinoids in addition to CBD, which are counted as part of the claimed CBD content, and it’s not always clear when this is the case.

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