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FAB CBD PM Nighttime Chews are specially formulated for nighttime from a phenomenal blend of beneficial ancient herbs that can help improve sleep quality and allow for better rest and relaxation. This translates to longer-lasting sleep and feeling rested and rejuvenated upon waking up.

CBD gummies are a fun and convenient way to get cannabidiol into your system. CBD, or cannabidiol, is naturally found in both hemp and marijuana plants. However, unlike its cannabinoid counterpart, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD will not cause you to feel that well-known euphoric high.


FAB was first founded in 2017. The brand’s mission is to craft a top-shelf, reliable line of CBD products for everyone to enjoy. Collectively, FAB’s founder and staff have many years of experience in the health, nutrition, and fitness industries.

Afaik: The only drawback is that, while CBD topicals and oils only take 15 minutes to take effect, you will have to wait 45 minutes to 2 hours to feel the benefits of CBD gummies. But rest assured, the wait is worth it as the effects are longer lasting.

Product Offerings: FAB offers customers vegan CBD “Anytime” Chews for daytime and CBD PM Chews for nighttime. The brand’s CBD gummies are a great option for those who want an alternative to CBD oil because they offer extended relief in a simple, single dose. Customers can choose to take the CBD “Anytime” Chews during the day, or if they need some help achieving rest and relaxation in the evening, CBD PM Chews at night.

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I myself love "Twisted extracts" products. They come from Vancouver Island. I get them at Weeds in vancouver but they do sell online as well. I use nightly for inflammation and am normally pain free during the day. Great sleeps too. I don't take during the day since I don't want to take any chances at work of getting dozy for safety reasons.

Hello. You should try Calm by Wellness Co.Their gummies are the best. Ive been consuming it for a couple of months now and I must say they are really effective and very delicious. It's quality is very assuring cause it uses the highest grade domestically grown hemp plants in Colorado and manufactured by PhD's from top-rated universities. You can also try it risk-free because they have 30 days money back guarantee!!

I have a nice microdosing regimen in the evening and sometimes have some of their indica gummies for an extra relaxing night too. Highly recommend their product.

It helped me with my Anxiety and I hope it helped yours too. God Bless

I'll check them out, thank you! Whats your favourtie from their site? Also do you know for sure if they are thc free?

Herbivore does great cbd gummies, and twisted extracts has cbd jelly bombs that are great. I get them from skyhighexotics and budmail.

Makes 100 mg legos

There are TONS! I love Twisted Extracts and Baked Edibles myself. They just get so costly for daily use.

Baked Edibles Sunshower CBD Gummies are awesome!