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In August 2019, legislators passed NJ Assemble Bill 5322. This outlined the licensing requirements for cultivating and processing hemp. However, New Jersey had already recognized the difference between hemp and marijuana after the 2014 Farm Bill was passed.

New Jersey residents should know that there are no possession limits relating to CBD oil derived from hemp. As long as such products contain a maximum of 0.3% THC, you can buy and possess as much as you like. MMJ patients are permitted to buy and possess up to two ounces of cannabis in a month.

In 2013, a CNN documentary called “Weed” told the story of a little girl from Colorado named Charlotte, who had Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte was suffering up to 300 grand mal seizures per week at just five years old due to her rare form of epilepsy.

What Type of CBD Products Are Available in New Jersey?

It is also worth considering online retailers such as PureKana and Premium Jane. These are highly respected CBD brands that tick all the boxes regarding the quality and purity of their products. They both ship to customers in New Jersey and have an enormous array of products.

Those who are eligible for the medical marijuana program can only buy cannabis from licensed Alternative Treatment Centers. However, it is possible to purchase CBD oil from hundreds, if not thousands, of locations within New Jersey.

Unlike in many states, New Jersey does regulate its CBD market. Only licensed growers and processors are allowed to deal with hemp. Anyone who cultivates the crop without authorization is treated the same as someone who illegally grows cannabis. This means growing more than an ounce could result in up to three years in prison!

Here is the list of qualifying conditions for the Medical Marijuana Program in New Jersey:

Marijuana-derived CBD isn’t legal for everyone, though. Adults 21 and over and patients with qualifying medical conditions have access to higher THC CBD oil at ATCs and dispensaries.

New Jersey was ahead of the curve in industrial hemp legalization and has been fairly progressive about marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. Check out these New Jersey cannabis laws to see for yourself.

Hemp-derived CBD with virtually no THC (up to 0.3%) is legaland in easy reach. Adult-use marijuana is also legal in New Jersey. And, qualifying patients who are a part of the state’s medicinal marijuana program can purchase marijuana-derived CBD oil and marijuana products.

Is CBD Legal In New Jersey? CBD Shopper’s Guide

New Jersey makes it easy to purchase CBD in person, but you might find it more convenient to shop for your hemp-derived CBD online. Whether you can’t find your favorite CBD products in stores or prefer the ease of filling a virtual cart, online shopping for CBD is a great option in New Jersey.

Participants of the state’s medicinal marijuana program can buy marijuana CBD oil and other marijuana products from a state-licensed ATC.

Looking to purchase CBD in New Jersey? You’re in luck! CBD products are legally available at brick-and-mortar stores. Assuming there’s Wi-Fi in the Garden State— and we’re pretty sure there is — you also have CBD online retailers at your fingertips. Simply locate a trustworthy vendor and take your pick of shopping methods.

Whether sourced from marijuana or industrial hemp, CBD oil is legal in New Jersey. In fact, New Jersey was one of the first states to legalize industrial hemp production. This made CBD sourced from legal hemp and with up to 0.3% THC widely available to the public.