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cbd gummies kanha treats

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Ingredients: agar, bean, gelatin, glucose, cane sugar, glycerin, citric acid, cannabis oil, natural coloring and flavors

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Kanha gummies were recently recognized as the best-selling gummy in California for several months in a row – a testament to how much Californians have come to love these delicious cannabis treats. Additionally, Kanha recently won the CAS Award for Best Formulated Edible – a nod to their commitment to purity, potency, and flavor.

What kinds of gummies does Kanha make?

Kanha Gummies

Kanha’s oils are lab-tested several times before being infused in order to ensure safety and potency. Plus, the cannabis flowers used to produce these gummies are grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, resulting in a safe, delicious, and dependable final product.

The Higher Path

Made from all-natural ingredients, Kanha gummies are a burst of flavor with every bite. Gluten-free and containing no food allergens, each gummy is just 23 calories.