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I don’t post here often but this is something I want to share since it is such a positive medicine for me.

The spasm usually begins in the late afternoon through the evening. If I get up and "move around," they may abate for a while but sometimes nothing will stop the movement.

Enter CBD gummies. My marijuana representive comes to my apartment whenever I need to replenish either my bud or vape pen supply.

Last time he left samples of an edible CBD gummy for me to try. I ate two and had the best night of sleep in over six years. It could have been a coincidence. Second night, same experience. Third night, no gummies and a typical spasm night. Fourth night, two gummies and restful sleep through the night. Night six, I tried one gummy, not as restful.

When I lay in bed to read and sleep, lots of spasms. If the spasm does stop and I fall asleep, the spasm will wake me anywhere from 1 AM to 3 AM and continue every 20 seconds for hours on end.

And if you’re wondering how in the world you’re supposed to know whether there is any bleach in your delta-8 product, there is a simple way to do so. Namely, delta-8 is pink(ish).

The rule of thumb is to keep track of how you feel each time after consuming the gummies.

When you buy delta-8 products from an uncertified source, there are many potential risks at play. Keep in mind that in order to create delta-8 THC a company needs to have the right equipment.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9: Strength

delta-8 THC gummies are perfectly safe for consumption, and just like with all other cannabinoids, there’s no risk of overdosing on these edibles.

delta-8 THC gummies are a great alternative to vapes and tinctures. They’re basically like regular gummies, only they’re infused with a THC distillate. Depending on which brand you choose, you can get your pick of a variety of delicious flavors.

Needless to say, this makes the effects of these cannabinoids quite different.

If you’re not an experienced delta-8 THC user, then you’re probably on the lookout for something a bit more beginner-friendly. Well, you’re in luck, because Finest Labs is just the thing for you!