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cbd gummies buffalo ny

At The Botanist, we pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality cannabis products from certified state producers grown locally in each state that we operate in.

Your medicinal marijuana certification is only valid at licensed dispensaries in the state in which you live in. You cannot use your certification in multiple states.

If medical marijuana is found during a search, just present your patient ID card or certification to the law enforcement official. You should not be penalized for possession if you are enrolled in the state medical cannabis program.


Yes! You can shop our full product assortment, place an order and pick-up your medication at the dispensary. Just click “View the menu” above.

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No, only licensed producers are permitted to grow marijuana.


Thank you for visiting Palm Organix, the premium brand of Hemp Oil / CBD products in Buffalo, New York. Crafted with the purest Hemp Oil / CBD plant extract. All of Palm Organix CBD Oil / Hemp Extract products are THC-Free Guaranteed.

At Palm Organix™, we offer a wide selection of Premium CBD oil products that are tailored to your unique health needs and goals. These include:

If you are looking to work with the finest supplier of Premium hemp oil / CBD supplements to build your own brand in Buffalo, New York then let the CBD experts at Palm Organix help you. Contact us at [email protected] to start your white label / private label business today! To learn more about our White Label CBD program in Buffalo, New York please visit the Palm Organix CBD White Label Program Brochure.

White Label / Private Label Hemp Extract / CBD Oil in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is the second-largest city in NY and a major shipping location with its proximity to Lake Erie, the Erie Canal and of course its vast railroad network. Buffalo is home to fine music including the Buffalo Philharmonic, numerous art galleries, most notably the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and professional sports teams including the NHL Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills of the NFL. Buffalo is extremely diverse, and certainly an active and very exciting and bustling city to live in!

At Palm Organix™, we understand that our customers expect and deserve the very best. To our highly experienced Hemp/CBD team, the best means a pure, beneficial, high quality, lab-tested, effective Hemp/CBD oil product at a reasonable price. The entire line of Palm Organix™ premium Hemp/CBD oil products are all-natural, organically grown, free of THC, and come with our highest assurance of quality. We can confidently make this assurance because our emphasis is on quality from the very start of our process. This is your chance to buy CBD oil in Buffalo, New York.

With Palm Organix wholesale CBD program you can choose from more than a dozen CBD supplements to stock including edibles, topicals and CBD for pets. With a great profit margin and a nationally recognized CBD / Hemp Oil brand on your shelf, it will be easy to sell our Premium line of CBD supplements and tougher to keep them on the shelf.

To state it simply, not all hemp is created equal. As a result, not all Hemp/CBD is the same. At Palm Organix™, we are proud to tell our customers that our Hemp is produced by the Finest Hemp Farmers in the USA, grown in the nutrient rich soils of Colorado that utilize state-of-the-art purification and extraction facilities. The Hemp plants selected by Palm Organix™are not genetically modified and are free of any solvents, harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides. At Palm Organix™, we think that is important because we know that the creation of a quality premium Hemp/CBD oil product starts at the very beginning. Our Hemp suppliers are growing a quality Hemp/CBD oil product literally from the ground up, and we are able to pass that quality along to you, our customer. We are proud to be able to offer such a high quality certified premium Hemp/CBD oil product to our customers looking to buy CBD oil in Buffalo New York.

Bison Botanics CBD gummies are available in two formulations, full spectrum and isolate. We make our full spectrum gummies with high-quality full spectrum hemp extract. The full spectrum CBD we use is derived from hemp grown in New York State. Our isolate gummies contain zero THC. Both formulations are available in two flavors: orange and raspberry. Our gummies are third-party lab tested for potency. Each piece contains approximately 25mg of CBD. Get them in a ten count jar or a 40 count jar.