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Sold in increments of 20 units

Finding your perfect dose requires precision. And at Mikro, precision is our priority.


Enjoying the health and wellness benefits of edibles shouldn’t be a gamble; that’s why Mikro edibles help you gauge the exact dose you need for your ideal cannabis experience. With Mikro, you can trust that you’ll feel the same effect, every single time, and that you’re in control of deciding the right dose for your unique needs.

$ 110.00 for 20 units.

In a world where excess is everywhere, it can be hard not to go overboard when you’re looking to begin integrating edibles into your daily holistic wellness routine. At Mikro, we believe that cannabis should be accessible, and that belief includes ensuring that options for accurately measured microdosing and dosing for canna-beginners are available to Canadians who want them.

Some states, like Maine, have even started cracking down on the sale of CBD-infused food products. Does this mean the feds will come after you for your CBD gummies? Unlikely. In February 2017, then–Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in an interview that the Justice Department wasn’t planning to take on “small marijuana cases”—like yours. True, Sessions is no longer AG, but federal policing of individual consumption is still unlikely to become a priority.

The laws regulating cannabis—and their enforcement—are changing by the day. Here’s where things stand right now.

Here’s the tea on CBD, THC, and the plant formerly known as marijuana.

Does cannabis help with sleep?

The caveats: The way cannabis helps or hampers sleep depends on many factors, including the levels of CBD and THC, the dose, the method, the length of time you’ve been taking it, and the existing sleep issues. In addition, most of the studies on cannabis and sleep have been done on people with chronic pain issues. And even if THC does put you out, there’s a risk that the effects will wear off with regular use. But if you’ve tried everything else, talk to a doctor about cannabis. “Insomnia is, like pain, a condition for which conventional medications don’t work very well,” says Tishler, who notes that cannabis is a promising option with a low risk of negative side effects.

The caveats: THC-A has been tested only in human tissue, not humans themselves. While Tishler has recommended the compound to some of his patients, he says that “most dispensaries aren’t hip to the medical value of THC-A” and don’t carry these types of products.

The facts: When no less an authority than the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (nasem) released a 2017 report reviewing the health effects of cannabis, it included evidence to validate the plant’s efficacy in treating several health conditions; chronic pain was in the top three.

46 states permit some form of medical use of marijuana; 10 of them also permit recreational use.