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3rd party lab tested with the test results readily available on their website. All products are tested twice; before when raw, and then afterward as a finished product.

They have a 30-day return policy, but only if the product is unopened. You can also choose to exchange your product for another if you want.

Flavor options

These are a remake of Treetop candies, except now they are infused with Delta 8 THC. You can buy these gummies in four different flavors. They are the most potent gummies listed so far—each gummy contains 30mg of Delta 8 THC distillate. You can buy the gummies in packets of 10.

If you are new to taking Delta 8 THC gummies, you should be wary of word-of-mouth advice on the dosage to take. This will be discussed a little later in the dosage section. However, it is best to check the potency of the product you are taking. It is also advisable to start with smaller dosages and progress from there.

When you are still trying out a company or a product, it does not make sense to buy the biggest packet they offer, no matter how lucrative the deal looks. You could end up not liking the product or having a stronger reaction than you expected. Instead, look for the smallest packet they have to offer with the smallest potency and start with that. Once you are sure that that product and dosage work for you, you can increase to a larger packet or even buy bulk.