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To receive the full benefits of the Full-spectrum CBD Salve, apply it liberally in a massage-like manner to aching joints and muscles.

CBD Salve: 1000 MGs Full-Spectrum Hemp Topical:

Commonly used analgesics often come with an overwhelming aroma, and even natural topical remedies such as Tiger Balm may make your eyes water.

When the ECS becomes compromised due to autoimmune illness, aging, stress, or poor lifestyle choice, cannabis gives the ECS a needed boost. This assistance to the ECS takes place because the cannabis plant possesses a system that mirrors the ECS. With CBD topicals, the product works at the cellular level by penetrating the C1 and C2 receptors in the skin. The body’s largest organ responds quickly to this treatment, especially when combined with healing massage.

Using CBD Salve not only represents a safe and effective method for pain and stress relief, but it also smells great. You may notice additional benefits, such as better sleep.

Grove Appalachia 875mg CBD Salve with infused Ozone contains more active CBD than most salves on the market. We believe in the old way of doing things for an authentic product to achieve the highest quality product available. Our CBD salve has first soaked in fresh hemp for over 6 months, then infused with Ozone during the creation process. Not only do you get the results of a strong CBD salve, you also receive the healing benefit of direct Ozone Salve which supplies mass micro-oxygen to the treated area for direct absorption and penetration of active ingredients. No-one else makes a CBD salve which incorporates quality all natural ozone in one product.

When compared to 1 ounce CBD salves, this is an exceptional value.

Choose from Citrus & Ginger or Mighty Double Mint (peppermint and menthol too).

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We’re committed to making all our products organic and THC-free. Our salve formula contains organically extracted CBD oil, beeswax, and natural, aromatic essential oils.

Like our other CBD products, our salves for sale have undergone thorough and high-quality lab testing. They are tested for quality, purity, and potency before we make them available on the market. This way, you’re sure that what you’ll receive is a product that is organic, premium-grade, and safe.

Lab-Tested CBD Products

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