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cbd genesis capsules review

Pain cream and a variety of other topical treatments have a home on the CBD Genesis site. Most are engineered with chronic pain in mind, though they can help with inflammation as well as symptoms to other issues. Topical treatments have been shown to be effective on problem areas as they saturate that spot faster than consuming CBD any other way.

There’s not quite a limit on just how many CBD products are available through CBD Genesis, and certainly too many to mention in this review. Other than the types of products mentioned above, though, CBD Genesis also either offers their own line or other top brand’s lines of types of hardware for consuming CBD, disposable pens, starter kits, CBD cartridges, and much more!

CBD Oil and Tinctures

Among the best-selling products on their site are the tinctures, with ranges of strength from 100MG to 1,500MG. The tinctures are all extracted through the tedious but efficient CO2 extraction method, ensuring the effectiveness of the CBD in the product. Specifically, full-spectrum CBD oils are best-known for their fast-acting effects, making them a suitable option for those always on the go who want a discreet way of receiving the benefits of CBD, such as reduced anxiety, pain relief, and help to treat other symptoms of issues. You can use one of our CBD Genesis coupon codes to save on these. The CBD oil tincture pictured below is from Hemplucid.

CBD For Pets

There were too many edibles to be able to pick a favorite from CBD Genesis, although they seem to be particularly excelling at the CBD gummies. Along with Pixie Sticks from Heady Harvest, Kush Cakes, and even CBD popcorn, among other edibles, there are a range of fun treats to try that can also help on the CBD side. We’re going back for those 1,000MG CBD Genesis Gummy Worms, too. We get emails all the time about how effective CBD edibles can be for relief. The ones pictured below are from Diamond CBD.

CBD Capsules

Many of the CBD oils the company sells are full-spectrum, which means that even if they have CBD as the primary cannabinoid, they contain other lesser organic compounds.

The following are some of the products you can purchase from CBD Genesis to use for various purposes.

CBD Genesis sells a wide array of vape juices from different manufacturers. Besides those by other manufacturers, they also have their product, which is known as CBD Genesis E-liquid. The brands the company markets include Koi, Green Roads, CBD Drip, and many others.

Vape Juice

You can use CBD Genesis’ coupon with which you will save up to ten percent on the product’s price. The most popular CBD vape in their inventory is Koi CBD .

Oils and tinctures sold by Genesis are usually extracted using the CO2 method, which is acknowledged for its thoroughness and safety. CO2 extracts most of the CBD from the hemp plant without allowing toxins into the oil, as some other extraction methods do.

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Some vape juices contain as little as 60Mg CBD per bottle, while others have as much as 1500Mg per bottle. You need to know your CBD tolerance level before ordering your vape oil to order a product with suitable potency.