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cbd enteric capsules

The result of all this? Pharmaceutical-grade precision.

While normal CBD can be effective, its tendency to be broken down by the liver means it’s not very bioavailable.

Our Hemp Oil CBD+ Capsules have been specially and uniquely formulated for maximum absorption. They deliver highly bioactive CBD directly into your system in the safest and most effective way.

Why CBD+?

Our unique CBD+ Capsules are designed to change that. Their CBD is protected from premature breakdown by enteric-coated, acid-resistant vegetable capsules.

Our CBD+ pills are released in the lower GI tract, which maximizes absorption and bioavailability leading to maximum benefits.

Is there any advantage of taking capsules over oils (tinctures) or gummies?

The biggest advantage of capsules is the convenience. They are easily portable, and you don’t need to mess with a dropper. You can also be sure of the exact dosage you get every time without having to count the number of drops. Plus, it offers a more discreet way of getting your CBD dose.

What Are CBD Capsules Made Of?

Not all CBD suppliers sell capsules; some limit their inventory to oils and edibles. We included here a list of vetted suppliers that carry CBD in pill form.

Both gelatin and cellulose are made from natural ingredients found in everyday foods. Gelatin, in fact, is an abundant protein that makes up our muscles, hair, and nails. Both options are safe; only a very small minority of users will experience side effects.

Studies 1 have confirmed that time-released capsules work the way they’re intended to once in the body. However, there are no studies specifically done on time-released capsules and how they compare to standard ones or other cannabis products.