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cbd dog powder

Parting Thoughts – Keep Your Dog Healthy & Safe

Created by two animal lovers who wanted to help our beloved furry family members live their healthiest and happiest lives, these treats were made to be grain free, non-gmo, preservative free, and pesticide free.

Ensure the product is lab tested. You can’t believe everything that the label says. Only buy CBD dog treats that have been tested by a third-party lab. Review the certificate of analysis and confirm that what’s advertised is true.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs suffer from daily conditions such as stress, anxiety, inflammation, joint issues, sleeplessness, indigestion, and changes in appetite. And just like humans, dogs also react well to using CBD as a way to treat these conditions.

● Giving CBD oil tinctures by mouth

● 3 Pack Steak Bites – $149.99

● Single pack: $39.99 (Petly CBD’s beef treats are sourced from organically grown, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp..8/mg)

While most cases of marijuana poisoning in dogs occur when pups ingest their human’s THC-laden edibles, experts believe the compound itself isn’t the problem. Rather, it’s the lack of information for proper dosing and how different elements affect dogs. “There may be a time when veterinary supplements will contain small amounts of THC in order to bolster the pain-alleviating or seizure-reducing effects,” says Dr. Narda Robinson, founder of CuraCore (an integrative medicine research and educational center).

iThis article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice. While the cultivation, possession, distribution, and use of marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes may be legal in certain areas, marijuana is illegal under U.S. federal law and in certain states and countries. Readers should consult the local and federal laws in their jurisdiction and qualified medical and legal professionals. Marijuana use can be harmful to certain individuals, including minors and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What Does CBD Do?

CBD is thought to help treat anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy and seizure disorders, sleeplessness, decreased appetite, and cancer symptoms. In some studies with humans, cannabis has even been shown to slow the growth of tumors and kill certain cancer cells. The same may be true for animals. “This is purely based on anecdotal evidence, but it seems that dogs who are diagnosed with cancer have a chance of living longer when given CBD,” Krause says.

As cannabis becomes more widely adopted (and less taboo), people are finding that dogs (and cats) can also benefit from the medicinal powers of the plant–especially the non-psychoactive CBD compound. The industry is getting on board, too, with tons of veterinary cannabis products hitting the market and vets lobbying for more research.

Krause is a fan of HempRx by Rx Vitamins for Pets. The supplements are made from organic hemp, and many of their products have zero THC. More importantly, the company is transparent in its production process and ingredient breakdown.