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cbd cream on dick

It’s no coincidence that so many artists, musicians, and writers love to partake. Cannabis can help with creativity, which may translate into a beautiful stoner love poem, a role-playing idea you haven’t thought of before, and everything else in between.

I used to think that weed made me horny because I dated so many potheads in college before I came out, but as it turns out, our endocannabinoid system regulates pleasure and euphoria, which for some, is a literal turn on. Additionally, when applied topically, (i.e. directly to the genitals through products like Foria) the plant helps increase blood flow to the region and can increase arousal directly through the genitals as well. You need mucus membranes to absorb the cannabis, so while products like Foria won’t work when applied to a penis, they work wonders when applied to the vagina or anus. (Along with topicals, Foria also makes suppositories! Keep reading to learn more about those and sticking weed up your butt).

Let’s lead with the obvious: getting high feels good. But, depending on your poison, doing so isn’t always safe or healthy.

4. It helps aid in anal sex prep

Speaking of cannabis topicals, while when applied to the skin there’s usually not a psychoactive effect, if you eat them, it’s just like enjoying an edible. You can turn your pussy, ass, dick, nipples, etc. into something more delicious than a weed brownie. Have your partner rub cannabis oil on your genitals as part of an erotic massage, and then as a treat, they can go down on you and literally get high off of you.

Studies have shown that the THC from weed attaches to our cannabinoid receptors and can interact with our emotional processing, and how we process with others. So basically, weed can make you more empathetic and in tune with your partner. This means stoned post-sex pillow talk, but in my experience, it can also mean better sex. It’s like when I’m high I’m more aware of how my partner’s vagina wants to be eaten out. TMI? Give it a try.

From aiding in anal sex to making pillow talk easier, here are seven ways cannabis can enhance your sex life.

Getting high with your partner and watching TV, or laughing about your enemies, or just giggling about how gay you are, can be even more fun than turning your genitals into an edible. But of course, you can do both. If you don’t feel like clubbing, or even cooking dinner, why not just sit back, share a joint, and order some take out as you swap awkward middle school stories or Netflix and chill with your partner(s) and Mary Jane.

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