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cbd cream in the armpit

That’s when I decided to give the hemp-infused deodorant a whirl. It was rollerball and I was worried it might be too wet and sticky (which is one of the reasons I hadn’t switched things up in the underarm department for around 20 years!) but it wasn’t. The alum stone kicks any of that to the kerb. Then there’s the organic cannabis sativia seed oil and aloe vera extract – a soothing, cooling power couple of natural ingredients, it left my skin hydrated and I never found myself thinking twice about sweat.

CBD is an ingredient creating hype, but Becci Vallis wasn’t sure it was one was worth investing in… until it got rid of her eczema.

I’ve suffered from eczema on and off since school – in between my elbow creases and once I had a weird patch on my shin (random) but towards the end of last year, my armpits had become victim to the skin condition. I’m not sure what the trigger was, I wasn’t exercising more, it was less if anything as I’d broken my ankle.

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It’s then that I went back to my beauty kit and started slathering Embryolisse on my pits before bed. If the make-up artists and models swear by it, surely it would soothe my sore skin? Not a jot. I tried Bjork & Berries Rescue Cream which the Swedes rave about and let’s face it, their skin seems pretty perfect and when that didn’t work I reached for the Eucerin Aquaphor which I’d used to stave off patches of irritation in the past. You can’t beat a girl for trying but this eczema was beating me.

Get this – within three days the redness was reduced and within 10 I’d say my eczema had pretty much disappeared. I haven’t used anything else since, the sleeveless tops are back and I’m literally aghast at how well it’s done its job.

With so much chat around one ingredient, I decided the only way to make a call was to test it to the limits, so when Ho Karan’s Natural Power Deodorant was sent my way, it was destined to come home with me. If this wonder ingredient could clear up my underarm itch, I was in.

So far this year there hasn’t been a week that I haven’t received an email about a cannabis-infused beauty launch. Soaps, cleansers, do-everything oils, muscle relievers, shampoos and now a new wave of CBD facials, this herb is having its heyday.

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Protects your underarms from odor and chemicals with our natural CBD infused deodorant. A paste formula infused with organic hemp extracts and natural citrus lime fragrance to leave your armpits feeling calm and smelling fresh. CBD is a powerful antioxidant to help soothe sensitive underarms, reduces irritation and protects skin naturally without blocking the release of toxins. Organic arrowroot and baking soda fight odor without the use of aluminium. While organic shea butter and coconut oil nourish delicate skin. Ideal for everyday use to prevent excess sweat and protect you from odor. Free from parabens, sulphates and chemicals.

Delivery date is estimated as 3-5 business days. However, actual delivery depends on the criteria outlined below. Express shipping available.