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cbd cream canada reddit

Anybody have any idea? Also, if anybody knows of any good CBD vapable oils

This is mainly used for pain relief. I'd like to try some tropicals but it's very hard. It's over to be browsing so many sites, so many products, not know which seller is reputable etc.

More effective orally

Been getting Organa’s Cbd salve for the family, organamarijuana or from herbapproach

How do you like it and what do you use it for?

Looking for some knowledgeable Ottawa Redditor’s who can help me here. TIA!

I have heard that CBD cream can really help with pain, range of motion, and flexibility. all things I am working on daily.

Don't know if you're willing to order but a BC company called Seaflora does CBD gel/oil. In general, their seaweed body gel has been known to help with muscle aches and fatigue as seaweed in itself is very healing but they added in CBD into their products recently.

Having never purchased any products with CBD (no THC), is this something I could buy walking into one of the stores in the area. or should I be purchasing online?

You can buy capsules, ingestible oils and of course just weed that's all CBD at the stores but it's still illegal sell topical creams recreationally until later this year . so you'd be looking at the black market. (The only truly legal CBD cream sold at retail is made from hemp seed oil but it's a negligible amount.) Legal topicals made from actual weed, with more potency, are available for mail-order from licensed producers, if you have a medical document 'prescribing' it.