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cbd capsules or oil reddit

Use supreme cbd Dallas capsules if you message them they will do 30 day supply they are way better than blue bird

My doctor wants me to take Plus CBD oil capsules, I'm not sure if that's a good switch from using the bluebird one sublingually.

I take very little at a time (4mg 6x/day) otherwise I "feel" it too much. She wants me to take like 3-4 15mg plus cbd capsules a day, but I'm not sure that's cost effective if I'm losing most of it through digestion There's no way I can handle 15mg sublingually at once!

Thanks for the recommendation , still not sure what ill get though

Best case scenario, effectiveness is the same. But supposedly sublingual is faster. Maybe they recommended caps for consistent dosing?

I understand maybe the brand being better, but are capsules really just as good? Thanks for the recommendation

I believe that sublingual is faster & better as more of it gets into your system right away where swallowing it approximately 30% gets into your system.

Basically, you lose some of the cbd because it has to go through your digestive system, and will take longer to "kick in". Once it does, you generally have it last longer, but you may find you need to take a high dose capsule to get the same result as a lower dose sublingual oil. A lot of people like capsules because of ease of dosing and no taste, but it's not always cost effective.

As a company that was founded on studying bioavailability, I'd be foolish not to chime in.

Bioavailability info here. VKThrow was on point with the advice given.

I can say that I've tried capsules or tablets from 3 different companies and all have given different results at similar doses. So don't be too discouraged if the first brand you try doesn't do it for you, try another quality company and see how that goes.

Even though sublingual is only 5% behind vape's 40% and oral is only 6-15% available I went the oral route due to personal preferences. I don't want to mess with the oil and holding and all that and vaping wasn't in the picture for me. I knew I'd pay a price for that as I'd have to consume more CBD to get the same effect and pay somebody to make the tablets or capsules vs using isolate powder/oil but so be it.