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cbd capsules micro dose

So, if you use CBD and have six drops in the morning and six drops before bed, instead try and space those out throughout the day, so why not try two drops an hour for 12 hours? Of course, you should always be careful to not up the amount you are taking drastically as you start microdosing but take the ‘slowly surely’ approach.

For users outside of the UK whose products contain THC and CBD, it can also limit the psychoactive effects of THC whilst offering the pain-reducing benefits of the combined chemicals.

What CBD products are good for microdosing?

Remember: The way you take CBD can change the way it makes you feel and for how long, so try a range of products like oils and tinctures.

For a quick CBD top-up, vaping is a great method. Easy to carry around and discreet, CBD vapes can work quickly and are great for microdosing. If you are microdosing for pain, having a CBD vape to hand can mean in those moments you feel the effects wearing off you can quickly top yourself up.

Many athletes are CBD users as CBD is so beneficial for an exercise regime. Its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to aid sleep, and calming effects can have great results on recovery. For athletes at the top of their game, microdosing cannabis oil can help their recovery and can help improve their performance.

“Imagine cutting a brownie that has 100 milligrams of THC into portions and trying to eyeball 2.5mg—that’s not going to work,” says Ross. “And most edibles are not consistent in their dosage in that range.”

While many have already started to benefit from the wonders of THC frugality, many challenges still remain.

“Everyone is going to get to the point where they increase their dosage and it will not work as well as it did before,” he says. “And that means they have passed their optimal dose. That optimal dose is different for everyone. Finding it means going past it.”

What is the best way to microdose cannabis?

Meanwhile, Sulak believes that the greatest roadblock to microdosing is societal. “We need to change our relationship with cannabis from something that we use for recreation or to treat severe symptoms to something that we use to stay healthy, like we would a multivitamin,” he says.

Ross generally recommends that first time microdosers start off at 2.5 milligrams, maintain that level for approximately three days, and increase if necessary. But that can sometimes be difficult.

“If you are building tolerance to THC, you are building tolerance to your body’s own cannabinoids, which are there for the purpose of promoting balance and health,” says Sulak. “So having a highly sensitive endocannabinoid system is extremely valuable for responding to illness, injury, and stress, and people can achieve that with low doses of cannabis.”

However, there are now a number of products on the market that lend themselves to microdosing. For example, KIVA Confections, a California based company, offers a variety of mints and chocolates with THC concentrations starting at 2.5 milligrams that are suitable for microdosing. Yet, it can take over an hour to feel the effects of some edibles. For those seeking immediate relief, an alternative is THC-infused tea, such as products from Stillwater, which can calm the nerves after just 10 minutes.