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Hello Reddit. I have been dealing with anxiety for a while now and have been prescribed SSRI's, and benzo's but nothing seems to truly work for me. I went to California not too long ago and tried high CBD strains as well as edibles and they helped more than anything. Which is why I am now trying to find a CBD pill. Can someone point me in the right direction of what to buy? There are tons of products out there but I need to find a legit CBD pill, not a knockoff. My anxiety makes me throw up and last night I had an episode that made me throw up all night.. including blood. I did go to the doctor to get checked up and everything was fine, but there wasn't anything they could do for me but prescribe a nausea pill, which seems to be working for now (just got them). But now I have to take matter into my own hands to try and fix my problem.. Any help would be appreciated. I live in Alabama, so a medical card is out of the question. Thank you.

After 10 years of smoking weed daily and my last years burnout, I had a lot of time to think about my health. The reason I smoke weed is, that I suffer from stress / anxiety since I can think. Sometimes I wake up from my anxiety in the morning. It's so bad that I cant work or have a normal life anymore.

I'm a 30 years old male diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder, general anxiety disorder and a heavy addiction (I "parked" my addiction at weed since most of my ancestors are lifelong alcoholics).

It may have to do with the fact that I reduced my weed / THC intake yesterday evening.

Sadly, my anxiety was very intense this morning. So I took 5 drops and another 5 drops 1 hour later. I could feel a noisy sensation in my nerves and for a period of time my anxiety became even worse. 2 hours later I feel ok but not great.

I started yesterday with 4 drops of 5% CBD oil. The results were stunning, I almost cried out of pure joy. For the first time in years I was free of anxiety and stress. I could feel real "fun" as I was playing videogames with a friend.