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can you break open cbd capsules

CBD capsules’ small size and ability to pop them in your pocket and take them with you wherever you go often leaves people wondering if they can be used in different ways. For those who struggle to swallow capsules, but still want their ultra-portability, is it possible to open them up and use the oil sublingually?

Many CBD capsules are made using the same CBD oils that can be found in a brand’s flagship tinctures. Pure Kana CBD capsules, for example, are made using PureKana‘s premium full-spectrum CBD. Additional steps are, however, needed to pack the same dose of CBD into a small capsule.

Due to the concentrated nature of the CBD extract found within capsules, the amount of liquid will be no more than a few milliliters. The small amount of liquid makes capsules much harder to work with when broken apart than regular CBD oil tinctures.

What to Expect When Opening CBD Capsules

The oil within a CBD capsule is likely to have a slight chemical taste to it and would leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. In order to access the CBD oil within capsules, you also have to bite through the outer coating, which is often made using ingredients such as glycerin, further adding to the unpleasant taste of capsules.

Taste is likely to be awful.

I recently purchased a bottle of CBD full spectrum capsules and after doing some research, it sounds like not much of the CBD will be absorbed taking orally. If I were to take the capsules apart and put the contents under my tongue, would it absorb properly? Or should I just have bought a tincture?

i open the capsules and put it on a piece of banana. works just fine.

Did you know that india is the largest producer of bananas followed by China, Uganda and the Philippines?

I like the effects when taking capsules orally successfully, I'd say try that out also. Even if it means take a capsule (which may take a couple hours), then take like half a capsule worth of oil under the tongue at the same time for something more immediate.

I personally use Haystack 4Life. They have the perfect combination of quality dosage and the best pricing, that I have ever found. I know they say the bioavailability is better with sublingual, but I don't know how to explain that I get much better results with capsules.

Guess I should have done my research on absorption rates before spending $60.