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can you apply cbd tincture to the clitoris

We invited five friends to try Foria’s Awaken, and here’s what they had to say:

Sasha, single: “Awaken was a welcome alternative to lube because it felt ‘natural’ versus sticky. Lube feels surgical and makes me want to shower afterward because I want it off and out of my body, but Awaken has no residue or messiness. I was also excited by the warm, soothing sensation. I used it by myself and now want to try it with a partner. Intercourse can sometimes feel painful for me, and I think this might make a big difference.”

Would you try arousal oil with CBD? Awaken by Foria is a 100% plant-based arousal oil that helps to enhance sensation and pleasure, so we recruited five friends to give their reviews…

Awaken is a 100% plant-based, sustainably-sourced CBD-infused arousal oil, made with natural and organic ingredients. You spray it on your fingers or directly onto yourself; and it feels light and silky. It can help enhance your natural lubrication (and, in turn, lessen dryness and discomfort); increase blood flow to the genital area and make you feel relaxed; and intensify touch and lead to deeper, easier orgasms. (Compelling, right?) FYI, it’s not for use with latex condoms.

I’m really into the goal of finding sexual pleasure that feels good to you. Personally, when I was younger, I was often focused on my partner instead of myself (and concentrating on what I was “supposed” to do/say/feel), and it feels freeing and refreshing to have a product that’s all about enhancing your own pleasure. I’ve been using Awaken, and for me, it really makes a huge difference. It feels so, so good, and I’m so happy to be partnered with them.

Women’s bodies are designed to handle constant change, and our endocannabinoid system is intimately involved.

(NOTE: It is not yet known how CBD influences fertility, if at all — but CBD does mitigate the effects of THC by preventing it from activating or over-activating CB1 receptors. We eagerly await new research in this area.)

Endocannabinoid Imbalances

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The endocannabinoid system exists throughout your body, but sometimes you don’t want to experience the effects of cannabis everywhere — like your brain, for instance.

Putting Cannabinoids Where They Count

But how do these cannabis preparations work, and why do they have different effects than eating or smoking cannabis? Let’s start with a look at medical history.

But once upon a time, cannabis-derived remedies were commonly prescribed by doctors — particularly for relief from gynecological conditions. Even further back in history, cannabis was one of the most widespread remedies in the toolkit of village herbalists, medicine women, and tribal healers. Rarely was cannabis smoked — most recipes were for oral, vaginal, intranasal, anal, and topical application.