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can u use vodka for cbd tincture

Bear in mind, though, that tinctures made from high-THC cannabis strains are going to be much stronger than smoking a joint or hitting a bong. A tincture can contain up to 60% THC, so don’t underestimate their potency!

A cannabis tincture is a great way to deliver cannabinoids into the body, avoiding the pitfalls of smoking while still inducing a blissful buzz. Here’s what marijuana tinctures are and how to make them!


Over five days, periodically shake the mixture for several minutes, before returning it to the freezer. Once the five days are up, your tincture is ready to be strained into a dropper bottle.

If you want a tincture focused on promoting overall well-being, consider a CBD-rich cannabis strain like Tatanka Pure CBD or Joanne’s CBD.

Cannabis tinctures serve as a perfect entry point to the world of cannabis, especially if you aren’t a fan of smoking or vaping. They also provide several unique benefits that set them apart from other cannabis concentrates.

Fill the jar with vodka, making sure to cover all of the buds. Cover the jar with a lid and put it in a cool and dark place to infuse for at least 6 weeks.

For an alcohol free tincture vegetable glycerine can be used instead of the spirits.

The tincture can be left to infuse for several months if you want, it won’t ever go bad and will continue to get stronger.

Where to Buy CBD Tincture

The homemade CBD tincture will be a green-brown color after infusing and will be very potent! Strain out the buds before using.

CBD is best known for its pain relieving and inflammation reducing benefits, but it can also help with sleep issues, depression, anxiety, and nausea, to name a few.

To be honest, this is a really simple recipe. Just like making a regular herbal tincture, all you really need is plant material (a high CBD cannabis variety in this case, we like to use Harlequin or ACDC) and a high proof neutral spirit like vodka.

CBD rich varieties of cannabis are particularly nice because they deliver a powerful dose of medicine without as much of the high, which sometimes isn’t desired. Making a homemade cannabis CBD tincture is a great way to get those benefits in a concentrated and easy to administer way.