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can i produce cbd isolate powder

The price of isolate powder had a big drop in 2019. This may be due to the increase of supply as legalization expands and more processors are further refining their product into an isolate.

There is also a discussion in the community about the benefits of multiple cannabinoids working together to create an entourage effect that increases the overall benefits. An isolate would not produce that due to the purity of the product.

Important things to consider before producing THC or CBD isolate

In this blog, we’re going to explain exactly what an isolate is in the cannabis production industry, and which pieces of equipment you need to use to produce CBD and THC isolate effectively.

The isolate process occurs after distillation and separates the cannabinoids fully. It is the furthest you can take biomass to refine it into a pristine substance.

What equipment is needed to produce CBD or THC isolate?

The equipment to produce an isolate can be expensive, and processing the oil further can significantly reduce the volume of product to be sold. Depending on the scale of your operation and the current sale price of isolate, it can be expensive to produce with little output and the equipment may not be beneficial at this time.

Adhering to the mainstream development of CBD infused goods and products, another attention grabbing alternative is being made available in large quantities for people wanting to experience the natural hemp plants therapeutic effects without the risk of mind altering effects from other psychoactive cannabinoids.

You can produce hundreds of kilograms of CBD isolate with system like the extrakLAB Bulk CBD Isolate package. The system includes all of the equipment required to manufacture isolate at approximately 2 kg per hour.

The Ultimate Healthy Food Additive

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Apart from its “on the go” or in the kitchen uses, pure CBD powder can be used for the creation of other products. Mixing CBD isolate powder and other carrier oils like coconut oil or MCT oil can make quality CBD products like tinctures and edibles. CBD isolate benefits don’t stop there though.

CO2 has a particular selectivity and solvent power dependent upon temperature and pressure. CO2 has adequate solvent power at elevated pressures of 5000 psi at 50 degrees capable of extracting 90% of cannabinoids in about an hour. At low pressure and low temperature, CO2 can be used selectively to extract terpenes and terpene rich mixtures. This is something you can’t do that with ethanol.