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can i buy cbd gummy bears in san francisco


Cooking with cannabis? Potli’s cannabis-infused olive oil still takes the cake. (Courtesy of Aster Farms)


Cannabis for Wellness: Tinctures, Topicals + More

Each method of cannabis consumption has a time and place. Edibles are great for long hikes or movie marathons, joints are great for socializing, and bongs are there when you’re ready to go all-in. But when it comes to discretion, nothing works better than vaping. With little smell, a quick, potent onset, and a similar appearance to nicotine vapes, it’s tempting to keep one in your pocket at all times. These are the best cartridges and tech for your on-the-go vaping needs.

Industry-dominating gummy brand Plus has finally entered the premium whole-plant edible market with their new limited-edition orange-blossom-flavored hash gummy, backed by old school hash masters Biscotti Brands, just in time for 4/20 ($29, available at Harborside). Prefer a more classic boost? Pop one of Plus’ sour watermelon Uplift gummies for fast-acting bubbly vibes ($18, available at Eaze). // Papa & Barkley‘s hash-infused chocolates ($21) are as creamy as a Ghirardelli square and are infused with relaxing, whole-plant cannabis that gets you lifted with none of the typical edibles anxiety. Their hash-infused gummies, too, yield the ideal, euphoric, Sunday afternoon high while melting away the week’s aches and pains ($20, both available at Farmacy Berkeley). // From Oregon but legally ported to California, Wyld is the industry leader in gummies ($18), with 1:1 and high-CBD varieties, and also stands out with its blood-orange, sativa-enhanced white chocolates (available at Posh Green, Urbana, and Project Cannabis). // If you must travel, melt away pandemic stress by popping a hand-crafted Mellows marshmallow in either THC-infused peppermint bark or the CBD-rich brown-butter sage ($7, available at Vapor Room). // Oakland-based Kiva Confections has entered the world of whole-plant edibles too, and for good reason: Within only a few weeks on the market, their Lost Farm line of fruit chews and gummies became a statewide favorite. Bite into a juicy peach-flavored gummy and enjoy the euphoric sativa high of the strain Mimosa ($25, available on Ganja Goddess). More of a chocolate lover? Order the brand’s Terra Almond Bites ($28, available at Eaze)—with 5mg each of THC and CBD, it’s ok if you can’t eat just one. // The new Kanha nano vegan gummy takes the guesswork out of edibles because their specialty nanoemulsion technology lets effects kick in within about 10 minutes. In flavors Blood Orange Bliss, Luscious Lemon, and Serene Green Apple, these indica, sativa, and CBD gummies are perfect when you’re in a pinch ($20, available at Posh Green Boutique). // If you have any dietary restrictions, Dosist has you covered. Their new gummies, labeled with the same easy-to-understand names as their vapes like Bliss and Calm, are both vegan and gluten-free ($20, available on Sava).

There is no bigger name in cannabis than Cookies, and there is no better location for a cannabis dispensary than the Haight-Ashbury near Golden Gate Park. Luckily Berner’s on Haight (1685 Haight St., Upper Haight) has both the Cookies supply and the location, sitting at the corner of Cole and Haight and routinely carrying more than 50 different cultivars. If you ask CEO/founder Shawn Richard, however, he’s most proud of his “equity shelf”: a rack of flower, vapes, and edibles brands produced by other social equity entrepreneurs. // The first dispensary in San Francisco independently owned by a Black woman, Posh Green Cannabis Boutique (828 Innes Ave., Bayview), touts a stylish shop and places priority on wellness with their own, in-house CBD line. Having had their official opening interrupted by the pandemic, they’re hosting an official grand-opening “Community Appreciation Event” on 4/20/21. Check out their Instagram for more updates. // Though smoking lounges are still a forbidden luxury, the centrally located Vapor Room (79 Ninth St., SoMa) has a carefully curated flower menu that, pound-for-pound, may be the best in the city. It’s our choice for grabbing IC Collective flower—the only true, Grateful Dead-approved Chem Dog around—as well as the best sun-grown flower and the latest luxe edibles. // SPARC (1256 Mission St., 471 Haight St., 502 14th St.) still encourages customers to order online for pickup or delivery in order to reduce the amount of customers in the store, but it’s worth the extra step. In addition to having their own vertically integrated farm operations, they also have made a pointed effort to support and advertise great social equity brands like the San Francisco Cannabis Oversight Committee’s own Nina Parks’ brand, Gift of Doja. // If you’re a germaphobe—and who isn’t these days—The Green Cross (4218 Mission St., Excelsior) is your jam. They’ve been taking pandemic safety seriously since before the first shelter in place order, and strictly enforce mask wearing and social distancing. // If you’re heading back into the office, you’ll want to get acquainted with the new Stiiizy location downtown (180 O’Farrell St., Union Square), a friendly, community-oriented shop with one of the widest vape and edible selections around. Cindy De La Vega, the store’s co-owner, is supported by the city’s social equity program and has developed a name for herself as a community activist with the violence-prevention and youth-development group United Playaz. Work remotely and never get downtown these days? Get a taste of the Stiiizy label by ordering its live resin pods in Gold Wedding Cake x Watermelon Z for home delivery ($30, available at Eaze). // If you’ve been surprised by the number of new Apothecarium locations (in the Castro, Marina, and SoMa) popping up around the Bay Area, don’t worry, it’s not short-term memory loss. They’re owned by the Canadian company TerrAscend, one of the most successful companies in weed, and are rapidly expanding throughout the region. Their status also means they have one of the widest and consistently stocked selections in SF. // When a product is new on the market, Barbary Coast (952 Mission St., SoMa) will always be one of the first dispensaries to carry it. Stop by to check out the freshest edibles, eighths, and vapes on the scene. // Chic cannabis boutique Urbana (locations in the Inner Richmond and Mission District) transforms cannabis users from stoner to cannaisseur. This dispensary never carries anything “bottom shelf,” so if you don’t have the time to research before, you can rest easy knowing anything from Urbana is a safe bet.

Melt away the day with one of Life Elements‘ hand-dosed, broad-spectrum CBD bath bombs ($14-$28, available at These bath bombs are advertised as “water-activated pain relief,” and the statement is true: Nothing cures post-workout muscle soreness better than a soak in a frothy, ylang ylang–scented bath. // Cannabis is rife with essential oils—a terpene by any other name—and Sweet Releaf‘s Roll-on Body Oils, coming in “warm” and “cool” varieties, are like an IcyHot from another dimension ($22-$40, available at Sava). Their standard topical, the Comfort Body Butter, is a favorite pain-reliever among industry veterans and has been around since the Prop 215 days. // Mary’s Muscle Freeze ($44, available at Eaze) combines CBD with menthol in a roller applicator to cool that burn in your back. // If you need a little help regulating yeast and bacteria in the down-there areas, Quim‘s line of daily care products prioritize health over irritating scents. Their lubricants, on the other hand, increase sensation and libido in a healthy, temporary way by aiding blood flow ($48, available on Sava). // Lord Jones is an ‘It’ brand for those seeking luxurious, CBD-rich skin a
nd body care products. And while the brand is actually based in Los Angeles, we’re giving them props for having donated $300,000 worth of soothing CBD product to healthcare workers amid the Covid-19 crisis. Their high-CBD body lotion ($60), moisturizer ($75), and bath salts ($65) are typically available at FortyFiveTen (6540 Washington St., Yountville, and Spa Radiance (3011 Fillmore St., Pacific Heights,, and may be purchased online at

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