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can cbd isolate be used in bath

Many users report that CBD oils support a sense of relaxation. Body relaxation helps support a feeling of calm, an excellent combination for de-stressing.

CBD oils can both be rubbed into your skin before your bath, or added to the bathwater. It’s already calming and soothing to climb into a warm bath, and so by adding CBD oil to your water, it may be that these effects are enhanced.

Inflammation doesn’t only occur on the skin’s surface, though. Our muscles can also be sore after exercising or vigorous activity. Joints can become painful following injury or due to wear and tear. CBD bath products such as oils may support relief in the muscles and the surrounding joints, providing a natural element for faster recovery.

Could Reduce Inflammation

As we face the current situation with Covid-19, it’s essential to find comfort and ways to help us de-stress. CBD oil is a superb choice to add to your bathwater.

Current treatments may not be producing the desired results, or the side effects could be too severe to continue. CBD offers an alternative way to support overall balance within the systems of the body.

CBD is researched for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it could potentially be beneficial for your skin and sore muscles. CBD oil already penetrates the skin quickly, but as the warm bath widens your blood vessels, the CBD oil finds it even easier to enter your system.

As people hear more anecdotal reports of the benefits of CBD, they want to know more about it. CBD is showing promising benefits for supporting users’ well-being and promoting relief after physical activities.

Besides the lemon mint spray, our HERBLIZ Classic Full Spectrum CBD Oil is very popular. This is also a full spectrum CBD oil, but with a high-quality MCT coconut oil as a base. For fans of coconut flavour, this oil is the perfect choice with its gentle, full-bodied aroma.

In addition to our organic hemp cosmetics, one of our CBD oils has made it onto the bestseller list several times: the Lemon Mint CBD Mouth Spray. Available in 10% strength, this CBD oil is our absolute best seller at HERBLIZ. Thanks to the pure CBD isolate, this spray is completely THC-free. Fruity lemon oil and refreshing peppermint oil make for a particularly harmonious oil composition.

The endocannabinoid system consists mainly of the receptors CB1, CB2 and CB3. These receptors receive stimuli from messenger substances (neurotransmitters) and initiate the required reaction of the body. The cannabinoids of the hemp plant are so similar to the messenger substances of our system that they can work together in synergy. Cannabinoids that the body can produce itself are called endogenous cannabinoids. Neurotransmitters that act externally (e.g. through CBD or THC) are called exogenous cannabinoids. These exogenous cannabinoids – or phytocannabinoids – are also found in other plants besides hemp. By the way, animals also have this ECS, which is why there are now CBD products available for pets such as dogs and cats. CBD offers protection against oxidative cell stress. Oxidative cell stress is triggered by so-called “free radicals”. These are released by our cells during the metabolic process. However, the cells also produce so-called antioxidants, which neutralise the free radicals. The balance between antioxidants and free radicals can be upset by certain factors and have an impact on our well-being.

What is CBD?

For our customers we want to develop only the best and purest CBD oil that the European cannabis market has to offer. Therefore we use exclusively GMP-certified industrial hemp extracts and make sure that no pesticides and herbicides are used in the cultivation of the plants. You canfeel this when you enjoy our CBD products – because nature always has the best recipe.

In our online store we offer high-quality CBD oil from gentle CO2 extraction – carefully produced in our own Berlin factory. In addition, HERBLIZ offers organic certified hemp cosmetics, wellness products such as CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts, as well as vaporizers with the corresponding CBD oil cartridges. Treat yourself to a break from the hectic everyday life and let yourself be carried away into the relaxing world of CBD.

The content of the illegal cannabinoid THC in industrial hemp is below the legal limit of less than 0.2%. The marijuana plant, on the other hand, contains considerably more THC, which is why these plants may only be cultivated in Germany by licensed companies for medicinal purposes.

You are looking for natural hemp-based products and want to order CBD Oil online? We at HERBLIZ are convinced that nature gives us everything we need for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Shop Bluebird’s CBD Isolate and get started on your own CBD bath bomb project. They’re great for your own enjoyment but also make for an easy, thoughtful, and creative way to show someone that you are thinking of them and considering their self-care.

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