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can cbd gummies help with pcos

Tell us about your background using cannabis as a holistic treatment.

[Pain also] makes us irritable and grumpy, and a lot of people have major depression when they are chronic pain sufferers. Cannabis is beneficial for those things, too.

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Crawford: It’s both. It’s very much a “chicken-and-egg” scenario. PCOS can occur while you have extra weight on your body, but insulin resistance also causes weight gain.

I quickly learned about the different ways people have been helped by cannabis as medicine when they have so few other options—especially when managing chronic pain.

Leafly: Your specialty is in hormonal variations. Do you work with a lot with PCOS patients in your practice?

CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors to help ensure proper bodily regulation. Insulin and other crucial hormones undergo a normalizing effect, alleviating many of the side effects caused by PCOS.

If you decide to include CBD into your treatment plan, it’s essential to choose which form of medical cannabis is best suited for you. Patients with PCOS have access to many CBD products in a variety of forms, including:

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Forms of CBD for Patients With PCOS

Always consult with a trained physician to develop the medical cannabis plan best suited to your needs.

Although the ovaries may produce a buildup of follicles over time, those with this disorder may not always have cysts. Rather, PCOS manifests when the reproductive hormones are imbalanced. These hormones are responsible for ensuring the ovaries remain in healthy working condition. In women with PCOS, the irregularity of these hormones can create reproductive and ovary issues over time.

Although the exact cause of PCOS is not entirely known, researchers believe the production of insulin plays a crucial role in the formation of this hormone disorder. This is a vital piece of information to understand when examining the endocannabinoid system, which can explain why the body of patients with PCOS struggles to reach normalized hormone levels.

Although the symptoms of PCOS can cause significant discomfort and pain, there are many pharmaceuticals currently available in the medical field that can offer relief. One such option is CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid within marijuana that lessens PCOS side effects.