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can cbd capsules help with sleep

However, many of these studies suggest there could be some benefit to using CBD as a sleep aid, and it’s worth researching. “For example, there’s evidence that CBD can be helpful in managing anxiety . If someone’s anxiety is creating their sleeping problem, a CBD product may benefit them,” Conroy says.

Until we have more answers about CBD, there’s a plethora of behavioral strategies that promote better sleep, including:

Setting yourself up for sleep

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“It’s a tricky question to answer,” says Deirdre Conroy, Ph.D. , clinical director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic at Michigan Medicine. “There have been few studies on CBD and its effect on sleep, and those published have few participants with differing doses and forms of CBD administered.”

Having outlets for managing stress and anxiety, like journaling or seeking professional help with a therapist if it’s more serious.

In recent years CBD has become one of the most popular supplements for sleep, but does it really work? Let’s review the studies.

CBD is still a fairly new compound in the wellness world, and there is a lot of clinical studies on the way, but there are already millions of people around the world who have experienced the benefits it can have.

Can CBD help you sleep and insomnia?

As the legal cannabis market is quickly taking the world by storm, CBD as a readily available supplement has also risen to fame. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many active compounds found in the Cannabis and hemp plant. THC is probably the most well-known, thanks to its psychoactive properties ie. making you “high”. CBD will not make you high but can have many health and wellness benefits.

A few months ago they released their Relief + Relax CBD oil in 3 different strengths. Its a great option if you are looking to try CBD to improve you sleep as it competitively priced yet of a great quality ingredients!

Grass & Co Calm CBD oil is formulated with an interesting blend of natural calming ingredients including Chamomile and Ashwaghanda. It is a relatively concentrated oil in a small bottle so it can be a little difficult to dose, but just start with a few drops and see how it goes.