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broad spectrum salve cbd on amazon

● Free Shipping: R+R offers free shipping to all 50 states as well as subscription discounts.

● Lab Testing: Medterra’s lab results are up to date.

● CBD cream is versatile in usage.

Bonus: Kiara Naturals

● Used by Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Shiatsu massage therapists

● Low price tag compared to other options.

Kiara Naturals is the best choice if you’re looking for the most holistic option. Their Muscle and Joint Salve has an impressive 1000mg of CBD but also very high concentrations of Arnica, Camphor, Common Rue and other extracts that have a history of reducing pain and inflammation when used topically.

● Where The Hemp Comes From : Hemp sourcing is perhaps the most important cornerstone of any CBD product. This is the core of why you’re taking it in the first place, as well as the biggest indicator of quality. While some companies will say their CBD is ‘made in America’, it’s actually grown elsewhere and packaged here. Instead, always go for companies that make it transparent where their hemp comes from.

Our full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the finest, non-GMO hemp plants grown on our sustainable, Colorado farm. This all-natural oil is hemp oil in its purest form, as it contains all beneficial compounds found in the plant to help you feel restored and balanced on the inside and out.
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Camphor has been known to have properties that may help relieve aches and skin irritations.
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Organic White Beeswax (Unscented)

Known for its relaxing scent, this aromatic herb can help you feel more at ease and give you an overall sense of calmness.
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Made with full-spectrum CBD, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and organic white beeswax- our soothing salve offers targeted relief for those who need extra support in their daily lives. If your routine consists of sitting at a desk for hours at a time, endless typing, or being on your feet all day, our CBD Salve can help ease tension, so that you can enjoy every second of your day.

Our CBD Hemp Salve is all-natural, and it is currently available in two additional scents. In addition to easing tensions, our Cooling Menthol Salve provides cooling sensations to the targeted area that helps awaken the senses. Meanwhile, our Lavender Eucalyptus Salve offers a soothing aroma and added moisture to make your skin glow and keep it naturally hydrated.