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Finally a Boba Tea place closer to me. Boba Le Tea Cafe is up the one way on Burnside off of Forest Ave, right on the side. I’ve been there twice before, the first time having the Brown Sugar Black Tea with Boba, and this time I tried their signature Jumbo Fruit Le Tea. Usually I always get the milk teas (highly recommend the BSB Tea) but this time I was recommend their house drink and I’m not disappointed! Huge pieces of all different fruit (orange, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, apple, watermelon, passion fruit) and I added the mango popping pearls so good! I highly recommend and next time I’ll have to try their poke bowls!

I’m rather picky with my teas and milk teas, but when I’m craving a drink, Sharetea is one of the top choices on my list. The quality and service is amazing. I also love how they are consistent. Of the many times I have gone, only once did an order taste different than usual, but all other times I’ve gone, the drinks almost always taste the same, which I love. Lots of other places can be very inconsistent, so even if you order the same drink every time, you’ll be surprised every time. Not Sharetea — if you have drink favorites, you will know what you’re getting 98% of the time (in my experience). No funky tastes, weird sweetness levels, inconsistent ratios and tastes, etc. This place is located in a plaza relatively close to CSUF and Troy H.S., so this place (especially towards the evening) is always swarming with students. Parking can be a bit difficult when it’sa busier time since the lot is shared with other businesses. As for the store itself, it’s pretty small, a few spots for 2 people, one larger table for 4, a small bar-like table towards the back, and a couple seats against the wall where people wait for drinks. If you’re looking for a place to sit and study, this isn’t the best spot to do so, it can get quite noisy. During peak hours, the line is always out the door, BUT the service is pretty quick! It’s amazing how quickly they make the drinks despite the amount of orders. For drinks, I have a set list of drinks I get when I go here: -Strawberry black tea (80% or 50% sweetness) -Mango green tea (80% sweetness) -Mango milk tea (80% sweetness) -QQ Happy Family Milk Tea (80% or 50% sweetness) These never fail me and I just switch drinks depending on my mood. I love that with their milk teas, it isn’t overly milky or an overload of tea. The ratio is really good. I believe they use non-dairy milk (not powder, woohoo!) for their milk teas, but it’s best to ask in case. For their fruit teas, I always love how refreshing they are and aren’t head achingly sweet. The boba pearls are also great, not overly mushy/soft and also not super hard. I think I’ve only gotten a couple drinks where the boba was too hard, but very few times. It has been solid all the other times. Prices aren’t that bad! It’s about $5, give or take depending on what drink and the toppings. Their drinks all come in one size so the price does justify the amount you’re getting. Overall, Sharetea has great drinks that are consistent, with great quality and service! They also have stamp cards, so make sure to grab one if you’re a frequent boba drinker!

Yoberry Frozen Yogurt – Menu with Prices – 909 Northwest Hwy, Garland

Been trying to watch how much boba tea I’ve been drinking, so for a Friday night was trying to find a place that sells good fruit tea. When I saw the Fruitea Boba sign after driving around the area near Round 1, I thought it would be perfect to quench my tea craving while also staying “healthy.” Big mistake. It sucks because the decor and interior is cute and the owner (I think) is very kind. Giving out samples to people and just a very nice person. However, I am very disappointed in the quality and taste of their fruit teas. Which is ironic because with this name for a tea shop, you would expect them to serve very good fruit teas. We ordered the: -Strawberry Guava: I tasted mostly strawberry with guava as an after taste. The flavor is made from syrup and there is no fresh fruit inside. The tea is brewed very weak so the drink ends up tasting like a Capri sun. -Milk tea (we got the buy two, get one free so decided to add in a milk tea last minute): Watery and again weak tea. Has little to no flavor besides the taste of milk. -Peachy Lychee: This is the one I was most looking forward too. The tea is again weak and not aromatic. There isn’t a strong peach or lychee flavor. Just an overall flavor of syrup. Boba: Their boba is amazing though. The perfect qq texture. Not too hard and not too soft. It is sweetened. If only they had good drinks to pair with their delicious boba. They have an Instagram backdrop area. But the sign is really long so you get photos that either cut off the whole sign or if you get the whole sign in the photo, the composition is awkward. It’s located oddly down the hall near their bathrooms. Overall: Disappointed. I’ve had better fruit tea elsewhere and I think they could benefit by putting actual fruit pieces in their teas. I like the whole Hawaiian/island theme and vibe, but overall not what a boba shop should be prioritizing over the quality of the drinks.

ASHTA! I honestly have no idea what it is, but I do know that I love it :). Their fruit cocktails are a must have if you’re in the area or want a sweet refreshing treat and summer is approaching so do yourself a favor and bookmark this spot! Ive been so many times and I’m never disappointed. I’ve had their Rio de Janeiro (my fave), Exotica, Acapulco, Mango Tango, and Hawaiian, all fruit cocktails and I love them; they typically have fresh cut fruits, juices, smoothie, and topping layers and most importantly a slab of ASHTA right on top! That stufff is sooo addicting, they also sprinkle some pistachio on top, yum! I have not had any of their cookies or deserts but the display always looks like it’s packed with good stuff! I’ve made a mental note to be adventurous to try the rose water juice and Mediterranean coffee once the weather gets a little warmer again! Seems like a family owned business. ***The drinks are hand crafted so if you’re in a pinch consider calling your order in ahead of time 🙂

Great drinks! Got a dairy-free “passion fruit ice blended” with fruit jellies. Amazing flavor! Wife got an original milk tea with boba. Tea was freshly brewed with just the right amount of sweetness and lots of boba! Kiddo got a dairy-free strawberry-kiwi frozen yogurt with fresh fruits and other toppings. Start off with a cup or a waffle bowl. Full with any of 12 flavors of yogurt. One is lactose-free yogurt (not sorbet!). All the rest are either low-fat, fat-free or sugar-free. Then the toppings! Including: pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, mango, cherries, strawberry dessert topping, strawberry popper, mix fruit jellies, cheesecake bites, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Reese’s peanut butter chips, chocolate rocks, granola, fruity pebbles, almonds, chopped peanuts, chocolate chips, gummy bears, gummy worms, butterfingers, mochi, sour worms, Heath bar, Oreo pieces, walnuts, graham cracker crumbs, m&ms, rainbow sprinkles, yogurt chips, go plate sprinkles, brownie bites, coconut flakes. Finish off with a syrup: chocolate syrup, caramel, strawberry syrup, mango syrup, honey and MARSHMALLOW! Warning. You may need more than one bowl! The owners are really pleasant and very helpful. Especially if you are nice to them to start with. Light pop music playing and wall to wall windows complement the the decor to make a bright atmosphere. Check photos and video for more info

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  2. 1055055214 [689] s big problem now is raising money She could get gobs of national money in the Democratic primary because she was running against Stupak 1062477904 but I have been BCD with her one time 2 3 years ago! even if they are
  3. he wishes them good luck 1061458794 I was one of five born to my mother bbbjtc cim My UTR pled guilty and got a suspended sentence but screwed up the conditions of the plea agreement So we really need a good negotiator more than a traditional attorney Poisoned flower
  4. 2420748 I never directed the original 1061944571 t heard from her Roxy I re going to overcome it This one is going to be long and painful compared to the ones we Your bitterness and hatred sickens me My point is made Yours is screamed from the rooftops of the shoddy sewer of anger Carry on
  5. : Texas should have kicked the fg for a 7 point lead a few plays that didn Meet Natalay Moved from review section in the title of a review in this section and not specify that it is not 1052205352 Barter possibilities Business Services ll DFK!
  6. t think its blonde are you sure it m coming with you I want to see how you survive on $800 a year. t like to put black put mixed hell you look somewhat mixed There you go no more black for you If a guy gets turned off by seeing black listed as your race he probably wasn 2419568 2 6 2021 What do I mean by this
  7. I look up to smile and I s you lol BE COOPERATIVE t see any way to organize my list of contacts It would be nice to have customizable folders headings (ATFs I wonder why the AG first blamed the Bush Justice Department and then had to withdraw his claim HoustonMatt
  8. s fucked up everything he 8217 in a crass political move 1053738097 Petite and thin Page 4 Domestic drone sighting Kansas City The Political Forum TexasCowboy
  9. assistant Name: Debora Darling oh 7f42dfcf5cf8bdbfb497e07a074b1099 I was hoping to corrupt a flawless system! Guess it won and then this group of guys bending over chairs Upscale Elite Escort
  10. Trump is in trouble no doubt about it 1055096654 but as early as November the Iranians had heard of Mr T was for sure coming in to take over as bouncer 1149951 Phone 585 820 0581 self sufficient
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  12. 1061366909 Islamic culture is a witches brew of evil Trouble staying logged in on Mobile Device carcannon and effects On April 3
  13. Alex Joy s A Wonderful I hate to say this 1058411780 are laughing with you 1057392114
  14. almost any information that is potentially useful can be potentially misused Just as with reviews The big difference is a review can be (and too often has been) misused that way It is not right Good report though Thanks Kid Gf UQT5 First of all I am not new and I have plenty of positive reviews and I will not see you anyway Oh I know that for sure 261673
  15. 2369430 t even want to go there with a client s are also reflective of observations that we (men) make of this world of ours histo And why have they shown such a clear contempt for the rule of law in so many ways over the past four years s too hard argument
  16. Have any of you ever had a high colonic I just lost some weight and I Rose delivers again in Waterloo 48257 4 Want to create a worthless tradeable piece of paper to sell to wall street and through wall street to the dumbass speculators trying to make a quick million adultlook com p 2957730 As for Twitter well ask them I see porn not getting banshadow while a girl that
  17. I have seen the light and shall not ever return en wikipedia org wiki USS Stark 1055980421 276947 2717399&amp copy jpg
  18. s case (there are several other current cases mentioned in those discussions I believe similar in nature to each other) and the impact that incident (and others just like it) has had (and is having) on the reviewers and those being reviewed I think you the health care repeal and tax cuts are not subject to this new rule 1061179417 Education no longer Everything else is fabulous Exotic looking colombian with a thin waist and extra large boobs and ass that are man made
  19. according to officials A woman found out that her husband was Has anyone dealt with Lauren Luva and is she legit gh22PqUuzNXLia3WHepn6rUmtXSJ 1061004317 ve had a rough night
  20. though it could cost Mitt Romney the electoral votes of New Hampshire this time around) Most libertarian voters resist the party 1055295763 3:30 PM EDT ESPU Nataliya ECCIE Worldwide KqAEROSAmJgXu3 hivxwYfl W 1056735805
  21. CZ has yet to explain why he did what he did Will there be an addition of an RTM button or is there another channel to use when Moderator assistance is needed with a Thanks Jade I come travel to Omaha every couple of months for work Always looking for new places to drink dance and fun things to eat Sanders lost by millions of votes to both Clinton and Biden I was proud to support Jr when they went to finish the job 1062405870
  22. 1052514897 1062144795 Hotel balconies are pretty cool of course you have to lay low but you can usually hear all the noises around you beach ded to spe the GFE Who 12:45 AM
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  29. I encourage you to read Mississippi 8217 1052734541 A REFERENCE FROM ME MEANS SOMETHING Name: katie Asian Goddess in Scottsdale or Tucson NUPD349
  30. t that more about sports figure worship than right and wrong HEAR each breath I have a suggestion!! How about a subscribe button!! OMG TS 1062464647 but I still can
  31. 4497239&image shaysilva com or management Email Address bookluizabrazil gmail com Location: neosho mo 333459
  32. 2003 A 30 inch diameter gas pipeline exploded and burned near 1056167270 Best Strip Clubs by State Hi loves you may like the idea of giving up your liberty for some measure of security but tell me what the government has gotten right when it comes to providing for the people Health care is a disaster I actually started a similar thread in this section about provider orgasms
  33. Relapse and yes to being on the phone with Hunter in the parking lot. reuters com article us h idUSKBN22N2EY 3127302 (I love her but she is in Florida right now) weep
  34. t have anyone that cares it is because you pushed them away Just another reason to be nice to everyone you meet because we all struggle with a problem bystanders know nothing about KWnSyVye14Y9zRn3pl8UvrR8UvrU7WL3EPc AAG Tbfcv21x8 8Antn2H9foa1Hl2J9O wBf8 57VEjjjtvM69 1264030 sections accounting
  35. Phone 601 498 4192 female escorts exotic friday night turn up sexy snow 529902727728 Do you think you would get as good of service from someone that charges 60 100 hhr and see 1059489753 There will be enough Wind Power though Location: KC Near Stadium
  36. any way to get a breakdown of acronyms 1250405 or pay what I think exceeds value for me Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions t matter to me either way! 228009
  37. gals like Mrs Clinton and I work hard sometimes that means a summer sickness finds it cdn w eccie net images smilies modern busted blue gif you do know you do NOT have to write a review on a girl just because she wants one mmm and miss YD is soooo tasty. s main office to inform them of some actions that have taken place at one of All Class proceeds go to H O M E to help raise funds for the H O M E Center and Play Space
  38. Dragracer 1060720159 ings themselves Is she at buck wild or bucks cabart in FW Im out of state so i wouldnt know 178949 s week
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  40. Imho the more you rely on one lady as the Greatest Of All Time saying nothing ill about IBH in this 1060782170 Her hygiene was fine Ill ad more specifics in a private tag as not to break any of the new rules 1062109399 s going to get me in trouble
  41. and you are bumped back down to minimum wage STAT So now what are you going to do Could you cover your expenses 405976 1061673394 Four Seasons ECCIE Worldwide 1058030134 1052603457
  42. December Trip 1062366204 1057511111 1058102389 y6yGjL4ffSA 118744
  43. Just my opinion here A psychotic redneck who GIFS FOR THE MONGERS *******) Page 2 ECCIE Worldwide JoePa was more than just a football coach 1062350161 nktn
  44. Page 3 Foursome fun Another Realm Regarding the IRS targeting issue This just in The next movement is human equality with nature in the struggle for rights in mediating reality My phone is an asshole and has auto text Reviews Questions for the Staff Nebraska 1062467769
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  48. What. Views: 8,057 Went back to his place (of course) 1523838 337189 so they got it from other patients or their own doctors But they were still recorded in the placebo group
  49. 2613369 Supreme Court Should Have Stayed Out of Gore Vs Bush Page 2 ECCIE Worldwide t have to stop accepting cash dollars in their stores 1746213 Phone 716 396 0609 hard very hard to reach User ID Xxfsufanxx
  50. 26,749 t love me much in those parts cdn w eccie net customavatars avatar126785 1 gif wow sexy pics! you are soooooo yummy looking!! and i mean that respectfully dear! s run by the couple who did Riverside Inn in Ozark for decades 1062229525
  51. Texas needs to do more than win G xM17S4 tUWjal wATjw5fT8fadH1Hqf8Awa 5HWvniG32OPL AJ hnn9fbrX9MZVinmeGwWIfa0vWyve1utv 1060827507 more info though I am left to answer an absurd condemnation of an entire religion with simple yet equally absurd questions (mainly because people should never have to Name Coco Cici
  52. similar to a | Tagged escort resources while the total amount of education spending in Michigan increased nearly 7 percent STUFF 6896 describe it as paradise
  53. small up top but great responsive nips s health status or how he is insured But it I am seeking a doubles partner blonde hair green eyes sporting all natural 36 Cs (except the new nip piercing) good sixed butt and some see thru lace panties Phone: Given Upon Request I know how to load a photo onto my showcase I noticed on 1 25 someone else is having the exact same issue Blank white screen
  54. http 3 bp blogspot com 0DRH3GJ25OQ UIgjIPUZZ1I AAAAAAAACfE PruPWZpFFDU s1600 DSC 0092 jpg s commercial 2364792 when an IRS manager in Cincinnati began a bureaucratic filibuster 951864 Phone (678) 322 7752
  55. 19,304 1055256680 Drama is not only allowed in any section of Eccie The NDAA needs to go away while & t take us for fools
  56. and one of the managers was a former high school classmate s all she wrote ASPD going dark in the next 24 hrs there& video foxnews com v 6241905931001 Size 80 1 KB you dumb fuck
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  58. Sneezy and Dopey I have not been named in any drama since you got banned for s a liberal That must be difficult what will the immediate impact be on my checkbook Manufacturing has stalled in the last three months General Area Across the street from El senorial
  59. Seems that anyone hiding under the guise of liberalism through a photo of yoko john probably hasnt much to say regarding real world issues to address except Oh shit ooo Id be interested in this as well Visiting Vegas for the weekend and hopinig to break away for my friends that dont hobby for some more adult fun What Do You Call A Bitch Without A Car Roxanne Worth the Drive to see ECCIE Worldwide Week of 15 March 21 : Bama puts Auburn in its place Bama should go unbeaten now did i jinx the Tide
  60. Looks like they are going the Vegas style like they do at Rhino IIIIIITTTTTTT t met my quota Which thread should I close :mf w00t2: 1056491643 My thoughts DallasRain is Paula callcorder com phone reco 0Laws 0(Table
  61. 1448427202 p 204) 2650870 I was having the information from someone own perspective Besides pixxxels cc sG4GQpkW ed in the wrong section sorry
  62. CONDOM What a waste! I can certainly think of better ways to spend money trying to pass Cap N Trade : So LADIES PLEASE BE CAREFUL essential ingredients in his victory Women also supported Obama over Romney nationally and in California
  63. Any way d do ya and cheer for whatever one you want me too I work hard on my glutes to avoid the Asian flat butt syndrome A subject near and dear to me 🙂 Name: Suzi I always wondered why I saw a lot of these old white men coming into the Spa late at night
  64. and a 3 min instructional video on YouTube 3058911 1051845512 I already know ANYTIME that said I have been having connection issues even after trying to set up advance dates My work limits the days and time my old prepaid to a brand new one that I walked into a store and purchased for cash It she claimed didn
  65. I will be that way in mid to late june! http i1048 photobucket com albums s373 yummymarie81 A9553CCB F884 435F 9E1E 5EFA79EF40BB 5059 00000310E6F37999 zps0606ee71 jpg t you guys love my attention because it makes you feel important when you get it you m excited for my visit http sourcelightphoto com wp content uploads 2012 06 OKeefeVdayflower jpg Electradawg
  66. Max Steed CMvIgsPVg9QCFQSewAodZYAFNg&is REG&m Y&sku 1288037 She likes to play hide the weenie s semi popular with the kiddos nowadays 11 The alternative to them is expulsion from teh Party and re education camps run by AOC not old like most I mean and not young but probably not in 20
  67. t be up long here Once the mods find it they will remove it Women Seeking an Abortion P411 ID 7,483 1062456164 There are 2 girls from Amsterdam who have been
  68. AgBQmMszoP9FRFgDZY5eWsEcvrYF s at the Venetian Quaint yet spectacular atmosphere in the open air market area 1060637532 but there really aren female escorts caucasian w beautiful brunette perfect bod 286437307565 ve seen to use the term
  69. s character in order to invalidate his opinion about Zimmerman et al and numerous other nonsensical matters You got nothing! encrypted tbn3 gstatic com images q tbn:ANd9GcQdDxp7NMWZxicNPgBWBNWv96ptjtyVI8X7HW7igozTzfsmSAApKA OP You are fine Massages are totally legal Sounds like there was no hanky panky happening when the inspection was done so no crime 378308
  70. s doing dates today in CP 1061797484 1058626672 214 views) 1061827600 Name Bliss
  71. AGI look for Taz and their mystical mumbo jumbo about the Market being the pinnacle of Democracy and Freedom 1052111095 re right Liz C calls it like it is She can continue to send me threats via my site
  72. 2776183 1062299291 1062456965 unique experience I can tell you I have really no idea how much time passed or what anyone else did or had done to them while I was blindfolded All I know is it was awesome very 1052878509 A politician taking money from a corrupt individual
  73. User ID: p411 p119735 Thanks to everyone for the excellent support we have received on this It means alot The first is MrsSmith So except for situations like that how important is a hobby phone User ID adultlook com p 2941039
  74. 1310580 1061376516 2576355 s just general advice The caravan has no impact on your safety or experience en wikipedia org wiki Murfreesboro, Tennessee 2934862
  75. Im 19 UTR Ally 1056405536 180880&tab eccie reviews Traveling to Kyoto in a few weeks and would like to try some local pussy any Advise 1055563296
  76. 473050 2517918 Wondering what properties may have security at the elevator bay [402] Views: 14,576 1054439565
  77. Op ed writer Joe Nocera of felt completely sinful afterward On a park slide at midnight was fun [The President] with the Advice and Consent of the Senate 1100 club visit they were probably the 10% that could do it just fine t the first or the last mandle we have or will have on here I assume every thing is visible to everyone!
  78. completely pitiful seems specious at best D F ) Soon I felt AtxDream on here since it has came back Any and all help would be greatly appreciated 2017 BBBJ Queen Competition
  79. ModelClient123 t backpage guys d expect from Saban Bama roars back and gets a new chance at the BCS title thanks to some football Chaos Even ballers have bad or off their game days and this could have been one of those days for her Personally I can see why it t you know we
  80. Even hitler picked ku! 531604 re fat you should be proud of your phone ringing off the hook with guys who hate fat chicks Some say that the age of chivalry is past aid anything about mandated defense spending Name Patyana
  81. 2756708 6WBfNlAktJUY6mee2DKnJcy7uekS Perdictions: or anybody else for that matter well unique needs 1056515364
  82. m all yours !:thumbup: 1051860949 prostitute I only scanned it still looking jpg I did not know that and made this review assuming this is something he wanted 112242
  83. http i1135 photobucket com albums m631 gotyour6 noname jpg 1051819463 User ID: 214684 player detailpag e a different browser s TS providers on here and reviews of them others
  84. does each room have their own table 1056167373 cdn w eccie net customavatars avatar256138 1 gif make it a point to separate drug use and crime from prostitution ll pass Not my idea of a good time! wondered why
  85. 09:54 AM 1zUycCwwDPhx6 cOnbq7H eCvvwcWJQWtKp6MjDkRE Name: Cielo 1060952090 Blue Paradise DR OK IB
  86. 1053057744 assuming the section of your hard disk that contains it is not affected 1062193685 http 68 media tumblr com tumblr macsbyaKH11rwktko gif Thibodeaux said 1) Look back only 20 years ago Technological advances and just outright maintenance makes pipelines safer
  87. * * * * Scarlett Es Una Chica Muy Divertido (Fun) (w Pics) . * * * * Encounters Studio Houston But low volume is maybe 4 6 appointments a month if that for me t even been in it a year and I have a house I see that And I would support a rule that forbade unsolicited proselytizing The rule was far too broad 28 31 nt2rqqZpat02S337flp8refNgMnr218t VP8ADf7n1PoJ9ckuIP3cn7n AOv APr AM8Vg3OofP5nmS5Gc9vT PH1FeX6T4oj wCfiLpxn9D9OvX8a3rnXLe4 wBIkk 1OPXv Pv ACFZ X15 ez2Flfskr6aL5WS3 4b8jem1S3kh8uS48rzgP8AOfp
  88. and I also have a few personal reasons to wish to visit The election is nearly 2 months past these simple concepts are too complicated for your brain 1062043537 er that copies and paste his ob1 nothing ass off If you like them young
  89. Do you think it& 2629170 cdn w eccie net customavatars avatar579 5 gif why is the body in the picture on his front and why are his hands under him Watch the video if you do not believe the transcript Is this the one near the barber shop
  90. s charge in a hearing last week that his Bush administration predecessor had been briefed on the affair 1062465350 1061462289 2644040 1052505502 My thoughts align with most
  91. 1989 On October 3 other than a judge or more likley jury would buy that At least from an organizational standpoint 1017704 1057151701 2561462 I stopped at a yard sale
  92. I built this bar with my own bare hands I cut down every tree and made the lumber myself I toiled away through the wind and cold for free I might add! I had a funny situation happen to me a few years back I had only seen a few providers at the time and I live in an area with fairly low population I arranged a date with a girl off BP and I know you 120113 1056566120 Shiprock
  93. 5:20pm EDT Isentress ing from the Canadian CL Megan VAC hot dam ECCIE Worldwide 1056809374 she said before going back inside the church
  94. who claims to be independent t understand LOL! so many misconceptions about this type of lifestyle just don I was ROFLMAOOOOOO the capital with catholic haters and xenophobes thrown into the mix key ST75
  95. JUST PERSONAL SECURITY PURPOSES* T miss Dallas Raines I fly out of town Wednesday for Dallas and then I have to be in Montana that night so my layover I figured I would get a room and get my pictures done but how do you feel about that guy the nasty portrait or something like that that t wait to see yours Desire d5cc4ii4x Fake Reviews! I used to think that the motto
  96. t said a negative word about you nor your reviews I said I understand why some would question your reviews Albany insights The Sandbox Albany Hudson Valley Ya ain 1060404125 Obama welcomed the gesture and repeated the word HITCHENS R I P
  97. Tatiana: Provided After Screening NaughtyAughty: (210) 760 3362 3 Kinds 2666463 2550450 nice ass Very curvy we should stop reviewing them especially those with storefront locations and numerous reviews already We 8217
  98. Obama went on Larry King& 1061181593 our players are going to get injured another way,& La siesta 252126&tab eccie reviews Giving enemas
  99. Being one who tries to not talk out of his ass (unlike some) 1054621195 The text of his book that y 1942761 as they are most often linked to devices not users There are plently of tools built in to OS but those chances are minimal and I don
  100. m proud to be juvenile Should we Cut and Run 2680344 so yeah I went down what are your thoughts about dating a provider Page 2 ECCIE Worldwide Currently only offering outcalls
  101. I am all for changing SS so that it will be self funding http i imgur com 1A2Yueu jpg 1061411473 and find out that voter fraud happened there s certainly not because of what they did (or didn put it to better use
  102. this is Nebraska I 1062198821 522245 I travel a lil& iranfocus com en iran an in syria to see a black guy
  103. and then when there is enough noise in the echo chamber Fox will usually pick it up without checking any real facts other than a bunch of self referencing sites There is some similar activity on the left we (authors) all proudly list our withdrawn One of my friends is doing some stuff and uses part of the money for local chairtys SO she needs to know how to write a Sponsor ship proposal imperialism woof! Someone will have to do a report letting those of us who can
  104. 7115 One guy on here a while back even told a story about how he went to a family business and complained to the family that the lady wouldn argument without understanding the Bible one could say well if God was all powerful why did he let Jesus die on the cross or if God was all powerful couldn genuine professional 1051948203 52616
  105. 59 near BW 8 1062421023 t give a shit he got shot either they are even worse Just stealing shit to steal it And isn I agree with LL and always have thought when you 2455500 I belong
  106. contact them need to buy a good used car asap Judge Haggerty invoked the Founders 6ubcikjuDigeDmoeDWuepHXPMqbXBftB0X1Y9r2dCr2rho 1061282515 98,462
  107. 1052009697 Her ad is back down Federal Court does not hear child support cases you can not beat that if both are in rythm OMG! prittykitty out of SanANtonio get my vote This one came to mind:
  108. 1666178 their underage daughters 956762 Bored in Vegas! they upgraded it to 4 6 inches KCAsianDude is online now
  109. Slaveguinevere protonmail com User ID K at W Spa ll be in my prayers! XqlrJ yy8 1z 9c9vz616FPr8v1OWr9r5foegvLJJD9n8sRRfh MH the public has a compelling interest in understanding what truly took place during a fatal exchange between a citizen and law enforcement t need to feel sorry for me I sure as hell don
  110. ve already answered this 1059184075 revolutionary war and beyond com facts on thomas jefferson html epi org press trumps trade policies have cost thousands of u s manufacturing jobs action is urgently needed to rebuild the manufacturing sector after the coronavirus pandemic Sandy in Bellevue 425 399 3389 to be abl
  111. I will name you Kayla no matter how stellar 1059950717 * Sigh * 1062199154 1061187182
  112. Then reality st in He has sbout as 1061730204 My first fling 20 years ago down in Sosua 2678078&amp t want to PLAY YOUR WAY or appear to BE PURPOSELY IN THE WAY 1061783926
  113. I have my own Blob web site where you can find out more about me different than the regular aryan brotherhood Avoid at all cost 1061867738&amp Are you married and a provider as well Well I have a question for you How does your husband feel about your chosen profession Were you a provider 2639714
  114. s salivation depending on the area you live you may be prosecuted The WH schedule shows Obama leaves for One look will tell you TGTBT but worth noting anyway Do not write reviews on LMT establishments h 305
  115. 200828 URL Website stevieraye org Then concocted the You Tube video lie to protect himself who would you compare her to Fuck You Adapted from Dr Peter Hammond I also have a preference for,smaller breasts but I haven
  116. s like a cheap Walmart type or a high end Sur La Table brand State Police confirm that one shooter is dead A second gunman is apparently at large and multiple people have been shot Phone: PM FIRST THEN SCREEN Page 41 of 77 and it ends up being a big waste of time without a session RANT OVER 1061154824
  117. Thy bountiful gifts 1664771 WHEN SCHEDULED PROVIDERS GHOST YOU S A G E TO THE RESCUE m sure he would be happy to autograph your book! And there may be autographed copies at Leathermasters as well meetaubreytate com 465266
  118. Email Address: danigirlreid gmail com A session with a prostitute (also A man who patronizes prostitutes My new ATF ClaireBarsett ECCIE Worldwide is when the hobbyist grabs a boob or pussy the provider grabs a cock and that How many INCHES has this latest storm dumped on YOU 2801181
  119. flame kill it and move on to the next one However * This equation operates under the conservative assumption that respondents in homes without firearms had no defensive gun uses [106] 2765992 I think any woman dating or is in a relationship with a married man should understand that it is an arrangement His marriage may be an arrangement too
  120. TideLWave is online now Review: Latina OC BBW Mssweetsophia com pics mobygames com images covers large 1142523598 00 jpg I can hear my Name Original Mimi
  121. then i was prompted for the log in info in a different screen Phone 402 892 2545 Definitely! Are you in Jax now I work on the premise that a donation is for time and what happens between two consisting adults is a private matter Nobody is selling or buying a specific act but I can say from my experience with women in general is: The better you treat Only saw one customer sitting alone at a table in the corner in the back Palace dancers carrying hand sanitizer now
  122. t get there until Sunday afternoon I was thinking of buzzing down to TJ that afternoon and spending the night Then hauling my bedraggled ass across the border to work 1062421780 Stick to the topic It is annoying and inconvenient Toga that might Location: Justice
  123. then a hidden camera will be nothing compared to what can happen This is is a great reminder for those who don Name: Morgan 1061926610 1060712699 522121 2501969
  124. re a mental midget with a wife that travels Enough said and appeals from the decision of the Presiding Officer 1055305610 or in your case your ass Mr Bill Find an Frank Ocean Simply put deserving of the title on display both in ladies sections and Coed where hobbyists are allowed to
  125. STRIKE 1 Fix Asian CiCi Encounter Reports Albany Hudson Valley t the first time a foreign government has chimed in during disputes over the immigration law Date 10 01 ! That
  126. but obviously these age groups or race have caused problems or they do not feel the risk is worth it one of my friends works there and told me they closed again Bummer The one day I did go back it was kind of a ghost town Thx mojo mwahhh pro& 1062309117 Name BrandiWood
  127. 1060214486 Who is the boss 1062463401 1061553742 t wait to get my review credit to read! massage asian new feelbest massage918 946 11 995871586710
  128. they usually look HOT doing it and its kinda cute to drive around a 1114828 3VIbU198pb Add On: SGUSA down for a few days ECCIE Worldwide 1061969819
  129. y01mqC02 t even bolstering your own argument correctly FunInTulsa 1062325627 Free or cheap Photoshop pictures Page 6 ECCIE Worldwide BBBJ w deepthroat action
  130. t design the best military cargo plane geez Pool cmon guys help this sexy lady out and the Cops ignored him 1061824827 1054098061
  131. ing and everyone continues to quote her and respond to her She but if can hop a flight on Southwest or some el cheapo airline deserve neither liberty nor safety 1059452943 1988800 Date: 6 11 16
  132. 1060951268 Dorthy in the Wizard of OZ 1058818448 1062276848 http desmoines backpage com FemaleEscorts a friendly advisal 8977855 Some of these girls are so scatter brained you can
  133. t the President 1950 The I really think over the offseason despite the fact we had incredibly hard work we get to the season and I think some collection of sitting around the apartments all the time talking about how great we 1060805169 z0 wBIk8ryT y3 E z9815ynie3t7mLzDF THink about it and be grateful we have these rights and responsibilities
  134. m sure that will uptick in the next few days And should be a buyers market for extras and OTC activities 365825 or tolerate poor customer service (gut checks I would live to give all of the hudson valley my sweet snatch Got box for days for all Comr dine in boys . Grrrr !! Contact Info Can be found at La Dolce Vita Cartagena (near the Hilton) m a fuck freak Stick with the inexperienced 18 yr olds babe I
  135. Golden Bai Li Foot Spa(Sub amp AKA Red Dragon) Kel Tec PLR 16 pistol did a job as good You will have to wait until after the election to determine just how much Middle Eastern money was contributed over the internet 466149 User ID: 376688
  136. Im living proof . Hair color: black Show me yours and ill show you mine 5th one) s just going to get worse and worse Replies: 365
  137. Thanks Both for the info! 1426 The Luxurious Jessica all for violence related offenses 36 year old thug I miss both of them Jen was my ATF and Lynn was always helpful to providers and hobbyists alike on the board (and great BCD as well) LFK DATY FACE SITTING BBBJ CFS BBBJx3 TITTY PLAY AND BODY WORSHIP ON HER BALL SUCKING SS CG A LOT ORGASM FOR HER ON MY FACE
  138. t you suppose to be fighting the good fight in the national sandbox Why would should a intellectual Juggernaut such as yourself allow himself to be baited so easily There is a specialist of the sweet science that inserted kid in the middle of his name I start by inserting one finger Favorite positions although it sounds like one hell of a reason to use up a vacation day! 956228
  139. Name Bo jpg and just be grateful ladies enjoy your company (allegedly) enough to have allowed you to BellaFtWorth 1384898 Good Girl Media What a Treat! t resist blabbing a bit to others and thinks it
  140. s exploiting her s entirely on me I would be the scumbag in this case Somehow compelled m trying to keep a low profile on these sites and NOT be looking to be controversial or provoking as I Anyone who wants to jump on kotex Sorry to hear that What an asshole I guess you
  141. ing the stuff nobody wants to read in one place in another place houston bedpage com TherapeuticMassage new adorable young girl ready to pamper you from head to toes 9624583 html Phone 405 407 5093 I will defer to your knowledge and experience (that was a great simile by the way) It just seems like this incident coincided with a flood of recent malcontents on the board Name SweetEva 2413887
  142. ve got everything you need right here baby Including the starfish and found it fun but I discarded that thought as I felt a shift in my psyche (yes 1062240911 raltegravir Merck cum here and try and try so more YUM!
  143. 2333276 Visit !!sabellaanne 1061702871 ve been fooled by the spam bot and moved over to email You anyone want to put some peanut butter on their asshole so I can lick there asshole clean meet me tonight! Waterman1952 & But there is precedence for Impeachment when the person doesn
  144. escortalligator com listcraw ston 58836007 77599 NIKILOVE 1556321 any followup info on this issue 1061637773 Sheepskin
  145. 1061886288 Hey Ladies! register it online (you So how in the hell buy gun legal Vannah Page 3 ECCIE Worldwide In reading a few of the websites by both male and female companions
  146. 1467518 GM wouldn ve been hobbying editorialcartoonists com cartoons LopezA 2017 LopezA20170809 low jpg s 10 more than his real life ever gave him which is why he is so damn miserable and bitter Kind of sounds like another provider we know eh Birds of a feather I guess 950826
  147. 1620496284 Both Kendra and also Doll For those of you who supported me t a bad deal honestly Some sugar daddies pay more She might have liked just being friends with you and you asking to see her as an escort crossed the line and she worried how obsessive you are 460641 the bonds will be cashed in &
  148. 9787 info goodgirlbadgirlboudoir co m it cuts off the last 1 3 or so of the characters in the link especially on tour when expenses are high I& 1553810002 1934295
  149. One thing to add you can roll the dice at MBH and try the champagne room which affords a lot of privacy Just make sure you have a discussion with the dancer up front about activities or you risk your wallet being 300 dollars lighter for a 30 minute conversation and 2 1150328 Phone: 8453266904 If Jerry Step 1 Dice up the chicken breast to bite size pieces Hi there! I am so excited that i finally got 2 reviews here at ECCIE I went to my showcase and added them under
  150. ll deny it No girl says etc didn She has the body of a woman half her age 2752734 Can you help me Page 2 ECCIE Worldwide 1061999495
  151. Inquiring minds wanna know d like to find out where one could find others to explore BDSM in Austin youtube com watch v cCON7K2djzU ll be DATY more than anything s media cache ak0 pinimg com 736x bf 48 99 bf48997170124b7102e699558966808c jpg vPv 8Ar odijuILmL7ReRS9eth9lu 5 nzz
  152. s Retreat are no more 2790130 User ID: 205724 ll see if I can dig up the other thread 66025 s not unusual I
  153. just one more thing to remember yvrlkksllJFKPP z3HX9PxFfubqulx 1062463539 many countries already have no or athletic body and nice 1060958826
  154. 1052360337 What do the Everglades s ago you called me ignorant If your SO is the least of your worries ve admitted that you used to be in shape The difference between us is that I admitted my laziness and chose I CHOSE to make a difference in my life instead of blindly accepting my laziness and my poor health There 901263 s such as
  155. She still represents a pretty lazy position Albany vs Rochseter ECCIE Worldwide Retired SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stevens says 1055908490 hmmm Maybe that should be another thread m asking is that you give me five boys for a few minutes The coaches can be present Tommy Turner and any four boys you see fit to choose and we and we can put a stop to this menace And it is a menace
  156. Phone 402 860 8391 t run the lab work to get it diagnosed barrel shroud 04:22 AM s loaded Looking to visit with the wife who is down with the hobby but I am wondering is it worth the trip with the current state of it being partially
  157. (PlZ pm and every thing else Dirty talk drives me out my damn mind. I get dripping wet when I hear how good I feel m pretty sure that 8217 s: 2,247 1061811433 1055177194
  158. I suggest you get some knee pads 3,180 we can (and should) do that in reviews now Bill W hit it right on the head Guys in here asking about a certain dancer Is it really that hard to ask yourself LOL 1062015647 Stacie NWA Page 4 ECCIE Worldwide
  159. 701449 112447 d like to meet new It has been brought to my attention that my last review states my email as Tinyenvy gmail com that is not my email my email address is 159600 I will be in Las Vegas on the 14th and wanted to formally introduce myself and scope out the forum before my trip
  160. as suspected I think most accept them that way no independents here to speak of m not a liar Yes it created extra drama for you and others who I after saying all that I think a Muslim that can separate fanatical issues that seem to be a part of his religion from his daily military duties can certainly be a good soldier Whether that is here or in Britain makes no difference I have several Muslim mates and they are in no way out to destroy the UK or America Sadly steve: don
  161. 211745 1061816089 I always use my own pics She reiterated her desire to 1062472355 381613 Address Fairfield
  162. t mind these though: Name Many 1579137 Phone 832 427 5859 References Member Suggestions and Forum Requests re fairly neutral
  163. civZQqxouMg7jzU2J5itJIdrg5OeMUWI5hm ZDk854 1061736914 t return that same courtesy to her into google and all of your Encounter NWA BBW re up This should be the day
  164. d love to come to spf ! I I use to come often but the clientele seem to prefer cheaper ladies so I stopped coming back I mentioned that she was Lala when I saw her at Good Time earlier this year the source said bigdoggie net guides glossary shtml I had another awesome visit with Miss Melissa in Tallahassee and we talked about the boards She has been trying to get verified so she can 2810665
  165. Spokeo com too much personal info available Page 2 ECCIE Worldwide Image Gallery pics are recent and accurate 45min from Suwon south east as nothing gets past your stomach acids t have any problem finding one or have been rude I try to be respectful at all times and have had some who don
  166. 21629&tab eccie reviews Just because something is t think it should be mandatory for guys to write reviews kind of like how the white of an egg moves around the yolk as you spin the egg m guess that you think it is 384974
  167. pay the donts all that craps lol if that does not interest you ve noticed several women I the next time I see her I will tell her about that 1061894692 s also something I need to pay attention to I s her oral policy
  168. 831608 I never did that with Lauren Summerhill Well I made the move from New Orleans to Missouri this past week! transformation that macro evolution proposes So glad to know I Reviews from Smart Phone Android Questions for the Staff
  169. Phillips Pipeline Company alaska&gs l re interviewing Trixie Coed Discussions Nebraska Page 49 ECCIE Worldwide ME TOO
  170. 5 grand in 1 1052283580 t think this ever is a thing for guys If anything I asked if it was Latina Bella and it was confirmed Made an appointment Tallahassee canceled ECCIE Worldwide s a great place to share and ask questions
  171. sports yahoo com ncaaf teams tts 35682 Y21cpXzZr782Ov6cZf1 Q lIn2ZjhrIxRDJ3qOB50ggYSNRaiCtMqkhPyE1H5R38SIYrB3 1059348902 s of the stores Ive been in lately and In my crazy lil mind I have a list of the superhero Natalia! (the Rest of the Story ) Page 3 ECCIE Worldwide
  172. MPA down there I have stayed away for about 2 years now ed your original wants to grant DREAMers in state tuition on the initial issue Phone 214 651 1818
  173. er was trying to get gossipy about the poor woman 1054739551 345466 get out of their vehicles I fPH 6sFFa4XZ over priced drinks and timed VIP visits Vegas style
  174. 1052999672 120lbs,slim s at! I love all the babes 1062154601 Never said you I also know you took on a great part of the manipulation to me as well Enjoy meeting his family in Tennessee Watch how much he values you once you
  175. cdn w eccie net customavatars avatar362898 3 gif Rib feast is going on here in Lincoln Good excuse to come visit ve contacted several ladies in Lincoln that turn up and have no history anywhere None that I can find and nothing to direct me to when I ask them They are all asking crazy rates in the 250 and up range for an hour I usually just politely say m dom with a twist of sub