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bluebird cbd isolate reddit

I am coming close to finishing up my first bottle of BB classic hemp oil. I had an overall positive experience while using this oil but I’m not sure if I noticed a really “noticeable” difference for anxiety. Could have been because I wasn’t taking enough (I worked up to a dropper full a day in the last few weeks), or perhaps I should try one of their other oils, or a different brand all together.

I saw that BB also has complete and signature oils – but I’m not sure how different that is from classic. Also willing to try a different brand if others have seen more success with those.

After doing some research on reputable companies, I purchased 1g of CBD isolate from Bluebird Botanicals. I wanted to be positive that I wasn't going to be intaking any THC for drug test purposes. I've done some research about dosages/methods to take it, but before I measured any out I decided to look at Bluebird's FAQ and see if they suggest anything themselves. That's when I saw a description of CBD isolate: "It is not fit for human consumption and is for research purposes only."

It doesn't say this on the page where you purchase the isolate and is instead nestled into their general FAQ, so I assume that it is mostly just there for some legal purpose. But it seems to be better to ask around anyway. Is there something different I should be doing with this brand's isolate rather than others? Or can this description be safely ignored?