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best topical cbd oil for pain reddit

Thanks for the feedback. I think a topical would be easiest to convince her but capsules likely are the better bet.

Okay thanks for the feedback!

I've personally found some relief using the 48north cream on muscle related aches and pains. They're definitely on the pricey side but something like the tweed CBD soft gels or the redecan gems might be good or even a CBD oil

She’s not very trees friendly so would likely go with a CBD only version to start. Any experience with only CBD vs balanced options that I should note?

Okay good to know. Thanks for the feedback!

My mother is interested in trying some topicals for knee pain but I’m skeptical. The options are also pretty pricey so just curious if anyone has had any positive or negative experiences they can share.

topical's are a good starting point to ease a persons fear about cannabis even if they are not very effective for a particular type of pain. Some people think it's up there with heroin or think they're going to go on a full blown mushroom/LSD trip when those types of experiences are completely avoidable for medical use with low doses and incremental titration.

Ok, so here's the deal, my 85 year old grandmother has severe arthritic pain in her hips and she wants to try CBD products to try and help her pain. Right now, she's taking a CBD spray that she shoots under her tongue. She said that it was helping her at first but now doesn't seem to do anything for her anymore. I was vising with her today and I looked at the bottle she was using, and the entire bottle was only 200mg, which seems low to me. Not only that, but shes paying over $100 per bottle, for only 2oz. This leaves me feeling like she's getting ripped off.

I'd really like to get her something that's a little more powerful to see if it helps her, but there's so many different CBD products out there at so many different purities that I find myself scratching my head at what's best. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions concerning what I might be able to do for her, as I dont really have much experience with CBD products. Thanks for your time!