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best recommended 15mg cbd capsules

Additional Ingredients

Sian Ferguson is a freelance health writer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has been reporting on CBD and cannabis for over five years. In addition to CBD and cannabis, her work also covers mental health, reproductive health, and social justice. She’s a regular writer for Healthline and PsychCentral, and has been published in The Washington Post, Complex, Greatist, HealthyWay, and more. She’s passionate about making empathetic, science-based health information accessible to more people.

Best Overall — Elixinol

This product contains broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD.

In addition to full-spectrum CBD, these softgels contain piperine, a terpene that is found in hemp plants as well as black pepper. One study compared a CBD supplement with piperine to a CBD supplement without piperine. The subjects who took the piperine supplement seemed to absorb CBD better: with the piperine supplement, the maximum concentration of CBD in the blood was six times higher than with the normal CBD supplement. However, this higher absorbancy can lead to more side effects, so keep this in mind when using a CBD product with piperine.

Extract Type

These test results are accessible online, by request from customer service, or included with your order, depending on the brand. While it can be difficult for consumers to interpret COAs, a little self-education goes a long way and we think it’s important that brands make these test results available, ideally providing fresh results per batch of their product.

We looked at some research into whether softgels or traditional capsules are more effective. Scientists don’t seem to have a definitive answer. As with many different products, it will come down to personal preference and how your body reacts.

While there are hundreds of CBD oil products on the market, they’re not all created equal. Not all brands use high quality CBD or are accurately labeled. Even among the best CBD capsules, there’s variation in strength and whether they include additional ingredients.

Our Review Criteria: How We Select CBD Capsules To Buy Online

There are many other factors that might matter to you as a discerning buyer of CBD, so we’ve included important information about each brand, with links for you to do your own research as well. The CBD oil market is growing fast, and we’ve inevitably left some great brands off this list. In the end, even some brands we love couldn’t make it into this article. The same criteria we outline below should help you select quality CBD brands even if they weren’t on this list.

How do you know what brand to buy? Even though we’ve selected only high-quality CBD capsules in this article, you might not know where to begin.

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Everyone reacts differently to cannabidiol, and it is possible for people to have side effects from CBD too. It’s also common for people to react differently to taking CBD in different forms, so you might feel differently after taking capsules versus swallowing CBD oil or vaping CBD. That means you may want to start with a lower dosage when trying a new way of ingesting CBD for the first time.