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best cbd salve for psoriasis

If you’re just getting started with CBD for psoriasis, you may want to start with a low dose. Charlotte’s Web makes it easy with their beginner-friendly products.

Taking CBD shouldn’t have to feel like taking medicine – it can actually taste good! With Plus CBD you’ll enjoy flavors like Peppermint, Cherry Mango, and Goji Blueberry, available in traditional oil tinctures as well as gummies. If you simply can’t abide by the flavor of CBD oral products, try a topical application. This company offers CBD roll-ons as well as creams and lotions to help you deliver pain-relieving cannabidiol right where you need it most.

There are benefits to using whole-plant extracts, but some people with psoriasis simply want the benefit of CBD alone. Joy Organics offers an assortment of broad-spectrum CBD oils just for this purpose.

CBD Oil and Psoriasis

Best Variety

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Though CBD is generally recognized as safe and is well tolerated in most people, purity matters. With Endoca, you know the CBD oil you’re buying is made with the finest attention to detail under strict quality control measures. Choose from strong or medium concentrations as well as heated or raw formulations. Endoca offers creams and capsules as well if you’re unsure about liquid dosing, and you can even join a rewards program where you may earn points with every purchase to use toward future orders.

If you’re considering CBD as a treatment option for your psoriasis, it’s important to know what to look for. There are different types of cannabidiol products out there, so it just depends what symptoms you’re trying to manage. For pain and inflammation of the skin, topical products like salves and creams may work. You can also take CBD oil orally to experience a wider range of potential health benefits. Oral CBD products include oil tinctures, softgels, gummies, and other edibles.

Type 2 Diabetes
People with severe psoriasis have a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. CBD has been shown to be beneficial to people with diabetes, and a clear link has been established between healthy blood sugar levels and the regular use of cannabis.

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Psoriasis is a result of T cells mistakenly identifying healthy skin cells as a threat. But research suggests that CBD may be capable of managing the activity of these T cells before they trigger a response.

CBD may soon become the number one go-to treatment to ease the symptoms of psoriasis.

And when it comes to psoriasis…

That’s right; the human body naturally produces cannabinoids that are similar to both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD.

Which means…

Perhaps you’ve read one of the many stories of cannabidiol (CBD) oil helping people with psoriasis treat their condition – and the astonishing before and after results they achieved.