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best cbd isolate vape reddit

I already vape, but after reading a lot about CBD e-juices I still can't really decide on wether it's would be best to buy pre-mixed or add a base juice to my current e-liquid. I'm also really torn on brands, as I don't want to potentially spend a lot of money on a brand that isn't all that good.

Hey guys, been a lurker for a few weeks and thought I'd write a post to see if you can help me out.

Been suffering mad panic attacks on and off for a few months now, and have been reading a lot about how CBD can help with anxiety. I also suffer from back pain – damn manual labour – and am told it can also help a little with this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and any feedback and info would be super appreciated.

Just buy some juice and mix in some isolate. Its like $20/g at hemp barn.

I'm looking for the best vape juice with CBD isolate.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

I'm on probation, so I can't use full spectrum anything!

I recently saw the Naked100 brand, and I'm curious if they use full spectrum or not..

I bought a gram of them before. mixed half the gram into a 30 ml bottle with 15 ml pg in it. disolved it in the pg then added vg to the top. gave it a good shake and let it sit over night. the next morning the isolate had separated from the rest of it and completely turned black and was sitting on top of the liquid. I shook it again and it disolved some but i ended up with a cloudy brown liquid, almost like chocolate milk. I have decided not to try vaping this until i figure out what happened here.