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best cbd isolate slab reddit

You tried this? Can you compare it to Phyto’s terpsolate?

I’m very new to CBD and have only tried one brand so far: PhytoFamily/PhytoDabs. Overall I’m very pleased with the effects but it is a bit pricy, I think I paid something like $35 shipped for a half g of full spectrum. Looking for the best bang for your buck wax.

Looking for recommendations. Full spectrum preferred.

Hass hemp has 22/g of strawberry banana isolate slabs.

I like phyto too and have also been looking for a cheaper source of full spectrum concentrate. TheHempBarn has full spectrum grams for $50 that looks pretty good but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. CBD distillery also but I've heard it tastes awful so I probably wont be trying theres. If you're willing to get isolate with terps infinitecbd has good quality isolate with hemp derived terps that taste a lot like good cannabis for only $30 a gram. I get the most bang for my buck using that and mixing it with regular cannabis or just using something like a full spectrum tincture from Green Mountain CBD that costs only .05 cents/mg

I've also been testing their vape juice recently, new product.. at 1500mg /oz, its some the most potent and effective I've tried.

killer price! thx.

EDIT: use code silo10 for 10% off your entire order. This will apply to the $20 slab as well. Hell of a deal there!

Not sure exactly. I think you can turn one into the other pretty easily anyway. New to cbd

Do the slabs fully dissolve in tinctures (like with MCT oil) or should I stick to the powder for everything other than dabbing the isolate?