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best cbd isolate reddit

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I have tried a few websites (, and 2 others I can’t remember) and they were kind of meh compared to what I had bought in dispensaries. Even at double the dose. I’m open to any recommendations really, TIA 🙂

Cbdistillery has been great to me

Should have stated I’m from the USA! sorry man. Appreciate the reply

Got a link? I’m looking around online and I couldn’t find anything

Peaceoil! They are cheap as hell and sourced from America

Try dutch Natural healing or cannamedcbd, both good .

They both seem to have the same sort of Proverde lab certificate that has but that doesn't guarantee they'll actually send me pure CBD and I've got no way of testing it to confirm its purity myself.

Fully activated. I just got 7 grams in slab form, and couldn’t be happier.

dab rig, or make it into ejuice

Their CBD isolate costs $27 per gram. (10% off with ALLCBD10)

Vape it, or mix with oil then take sublingualy.

I think today's gonna be a good day for Fully Activated.

Anyone know if either of these companies are OK, 'cos 10g for £187 is easily the cheapest price I can find in the UK?