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best cbd cream for pain reviews

So recovery is a big deal. And personally, I’m all about CBD (a.k.a cannabidiol)—the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s been having a moment these past few years, making appearances in all sorts of wellness and beauty products—from CBD edibles, to capsules, to transdermal patches, and beyond. But make no mistake. It’s not the passing health trend that activated charcoal and golden milk used to be.

I’m no spring chicken and the occasional bout of soreness is now a fact of life.

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One thing to note, though: Only buy from established brands from licensed dispensaries—not random bodegas, sketchy websites, so-called health food stores, or even Amazon. Always ask for COAs (Certificates of Analysis) to ensure that the topical actually contains the cannabinoids it claims to have. And have an open mind about using CBD topicals incorporated with THC—because those two cannabinoids combined are more effective when addressing inflammation, which is the primary cause of soreness and pain.

But as with any CBD product, there’s no skeleton key that unlocks relief for everyone—you have to find what works for your body. And you certainly have to experiment with different products, brands, and dosages—it’s the only way for you to see which ones really work.

In my early thirties I dabbled in SoulCycle, swimming at the 14th Street Y, and three disastrous attempts at SLT. These days it’s running loops in Central Park, Y7 yoga, and contact combat. And let me tell you, hitting a weekly fitness goal isn’t always easy—especially when you’re rapidly approaching your 40s with a few minor injuries under your belt.

Affordability: When you think about the sheer number of organic, highly potent ingredients used to craft FAB CBD’s Topical Salve, then you’ll quickly realize that you truly are getting what you’re paying for. Remember, when you purchase products from reputable brands, the prices might seem to be a touch on the higher side. This is because those products are crafted using superior, clean extraction methods as well as high-quality ingredients. Sadly, brands with extremely cheap product prices sometimes cut corners and sell lower quality products that can potentially be hazardous to your health.

All of FAB’s products are super-clean and are loaded with beneficial cannabinoids and health-boosting terpenes.

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We then researched each brand by looking deeply into customer reviews on products, how each company sourced and created its CBD extracts, third-party lab test reports, and more.

While there are not any major risks associated with using CBD creams, some possible side effects of using CBD oils can include:

In our guide, we will explore various CBD brands and discuss how CBD works to help alleviate various forms of pain.