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bees knees cbd gummies

Easy-to-take CBD gummy bears that contain a full 15mg of CBD per bear. There are absolutely no artificial flavors or artificial colors. Handmade gummies are made with only the highest-quality ingredients

Classic Flavors: Cherry, Lime, Orange, Strawberry
Serving: 15mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per Bear
Size: 30 Gummy Bears per Package (450 mg CBD Total)
Ingredients: Beef gelatin, sodium citrate, beet juice, organic spirulina, natural flavors, turmeric, cane sugar, citric acid, cannabinoidiol (CBD)


Quality, safety, and purity are the most vital aspects behind every Bees Knees product, and our CBD gummy bears are no exception. That’s why our handmade gummies are infused with only the highest-quality ingredients without ever sacrificing taste.

Similar to the gummy chews or vitamins you might find at the store, our handmade gummies feature an important twist—they contain 15mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per bear. In fact, they’re still crafted with the same sugar and gelatin that gives them the squishy, chewy form you love for a tasty and health-conscious treat. Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of our popular gummies without being exposed to unwanted substances.

Each bottle contains a mix of great flavors to give you something new and exciting with every small bite, including cherry, strawberry, orange, and lime. Enjoy a different CBD gummy each day to keep your palate, mind, and body happy!

The brand suggests taking one dropper or 1ml of the Bee’s Knee’s CBD CBT, CBD, & CBG Tincture sublingually or under the tongue, once or twice a day.

Shipping is also free for wholesale orders that reach the $500 minimum requirement. Bee’s Knee’s CBD claims it ships wholesale orders to companies internationally,

Overall Clinical Score

Lab Results

A Denver, Colorado-based laboratory handles most of the third-party testing for the brand. Links to the certificates of analyses (COAs) are available on the product pages in the Bee’s Knee’s CBD website.

Bee’s Knee’s CBD ships its products within the United States of America. The brand also claims to ship internationally, though it does not specify which countries.