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barkshop cbd oil

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Essentially, this means that dogs receive some bonus nutritional perks in addition to the benefits of CBD.

They do not require a prescription or cause any major side effects, and you can even give CBD and full-spectrum hemp oil alongside existing medications, nutritional supplements, or specialized diets without risk of interference.

A Note On *Regular* Hemp Seed Oil

Humans (and dogs!) commonly use it to help improve skin and coat health, reduce joint pain, and boost immune system function. Unlike CBD or full-spectrum hemp oil, however, its benefits are mostly nutritional and will not aid symptoms of stress or anxiety.

The variety of ways to give CBD or full-spectrum hemp oil to your dog makes it super convenient. Lots of pups actually enjoy the taste!

Here’s a part of the brain you may not have heard about before: the endocannabinoid (EC) system. Sounds complicated, right? It’s really just a science-y term for the system that tells us things like how hungry we are, if we’re in pain, and how our body feels and reacts to stimuli.

In states like Colorado where cannabis has been legalized for recreational use, clinical studies and research are just underway. Colorado State University’s Dr. Stephanie McGrath has begun studying CBD’s effect on dogs, thanks to $356,022 from the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation. She recently embarked on a study to research CBD’s effect on dog’s with seizures — early data from the study has been “promising” thus far, according to McGrath.

McGrath told the Cannabist that the absence of qualified or peer-reviewed studies on the effect of CBD products on pets makes her uncomfortable.

BarkShop — BarkBox’s sister company — known for its offering of eclectic and whimsical toys and treats for dogs, has been quietly breaking into a new market: wellness.

“I bought this hoping that it will calm my dog down,” wrote reviewer Tina D. about her Small Breed Chicken CBD Biscuits purchase. “He gets really aggressive with our two other dogs everyday. It’s been a week since I started to give him this but nothing seem to change! This stuff is pretty expensive so I was hoping to see at least a little change but nothing yet!!”

Veterinarians have been lobbying since last year to be granted access to marijuana and hemp in order to conduct research that would better elucidate its effect on pets, and have only recently received some funding to do so.

BarkShop started selling dog supplements last year — carrying everything from multivitamins to dental hygiene treats — according to BarkShop GM Melissa Seligmann. In January they made the decision to develop CBD offerings for their customers.

“We’re really seeing our wellness category grow,” Seligmann said. “It’s already grown 100 percent within the four months that we’ve had it live.”