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B+ Pure CBD: Is B Plus Cannabidiol Oil a Safe & Organic Product? Taking care of one’s health and wellness isn’t easy these days, especially because there is a great deal of pressure to use non-natural remedies to treat one’s conditions. Those who are looking to opt for natural options that could work well may B Plus (B+) CBD claims its full-spectrum and CBD isolate products are tested for purity and sourced from non-GMO and organically grown hemp from the USA.

B+ Pure CBD: Is B Plus Cannabidiol Oil a Safe & Organic Product?

B+ Pure CBD: Is B Plus Cannabidiol Oil a Safe & Organic Product?

Taking care of one’s health and wellness isn’t easy these days, especially because there is a great deal of pressure to use non-natural remedies to treat one’s conditions. Those who are looking to opt for natural options that could work well may want to give cannabidiol a chance. Cannabidiol products have been extremely popular in the past year and they may be able to adequately serve one’s needs. With that, this review would like to introduce B+ Pure CBD. This CBD Oil may be just what men and women need to get their health and wellness on track.

What is B+ Pure CBD?

B+ Pure CBD Oil is a clinically-validated, powerful, and potentially effective cannabidiol formula that could work well for man and women of all legal ages. For those who are concerned, the product is free THC, the substance that causes psychoactive qualities. With a product such as this one on hand, users may be able to experience the long-lasting and regular relief that they are hoping for. Keep in mind that everybody responds differently to products and there are no guarantees that these specific ones will work well. Therefore, it is best to give a product a try in smaller dosages and to then work one’s way up from there.

The Potential Benefits of B+ Pure CBD Oil

There are a number of potential benefits to be had when one adds B Plus Pure CBD to their lifestyle. Here are a few of the benefits that users may experience:

These are stellar qualities, and men and women of all legal ages who use the product may be able to count on it to provide benefits that users are satisfied with.

High Potency and Safe

B+ Pure CBD Oil is also recognized as being a high-potency and safe formula. The formula addresses the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates numerous qualities, such as one’s relaxation levels, inflammation, cognitive , and sleep levels. By choosing a high-performance formula, users may be able to experience the fast-acting qualities that users are hoping for. The product does not require a prescription so that users can certainly get it much more easily.

How To Buy B+ Pure CBD

Right now, B Plus Pure CBD is only available on the official website, where the customer will not be charged for the product initially. Instead, they enter a 14-day trial, costing them only the $6.95 shipping and handling fee at checkout on the day they order. The customer will then be sent a 30-day supply.

Within 14 days of the original purchase, the user will be charged for the full value of the product, which is $89.92. However, unlike other websites, this small detail is included in the checkout screen, albeit in literal “small print.” By completing the trial, the user will start automatically receiving this shipment every 30 days at the same cost.

Contacting The Creators Of B+ Pure Cannabidiol Oil

If the user wants to make changes to their ongoing membership, or simply learn more about the product, the customer service team can be reached by calling 888-803-5108.

If you are looking to return your trial, you can do so by contacting the company for an RMA and then sending remaining here:

Attn: Returns
PO Box 152871
Tampa, FL 33684

B+ Pure CBD Summary

B+ Pure CBD comes across as straightforward in their advertisement, though there are some links on the main page that do not work. The official website only allows for sales to US residents, and they urge customers to purchase quickly, considering their limited supply.

Those who are looking for a high-quality, fast-acting, and potentially effective and reliable CBD formula may want to give B+ Pure Cannabidiol a chance. The formula is validated by medical professionals and is recommended by therapists according to their site. Upon ordering, those who are dissatisfied with the product and its effects can contact the brand for a full refund. Essentially, this makes the product a risk-free purchase. TO learn more about the formula and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

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B+ Pure CBD Oil Reviews August 2022

B Plus (B+) CBD claims its full-spectrum and cannabidiol (CBD) isolate products are tested for purity and sourced from non- GMO and organically grown hemp from the USA.

At the time of this review, the brand has not shared any third-party lab results on its website. The company’s background and useful product information are also not available. Better Business Bureau has also given the company an F-rating.

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B+ CBD provides customers with a 60-day money-guarantee period. According to the official website, unsatisfied customers can request for a full refund and return the products to the company’s PO box address in Tampa, Florida.

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B+ CBD Company Summary

  • B+ CBD has full-spectrum and CBD isolate products in various forms, such as tinctures , capsules, and sprays.
  • B+ CBD products are created in a facility with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accreditation.
  • According to the website, the brand uses a cold-pressed extraction method . This method does not use any chemicals during the extraction process .
  • B+ CBD lacks transparency on the products’ concentration. The brand is not advisable for customers concerned about unproven tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) content.

B+ CBD is a straightforward brand offering a variety of CBD products with a singular price. Customers looking for more information about the company may call 888-803-5108.

B+ CBD Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The brand claims to use organically grown hemp from the USA. Lack of information on the company
60-day money-back guarantee No product formulation and ingredients list on the website
Products are made in a GMP-accredited facility. No third-party laboratory results provided
The brand lacks transparency on cannabinoid content and the presence of contaminants .
Only available in the USA
F rating in the Better Business Bureau

Pros of B+ CBD

  • According to the website, B+ CBD products use a non- GMO hemp strain that is organically grown and harvested in the United States.
  • B+ Pure products are made in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-accredited facility. GMP accreditation is granted to facilities that comply with the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) regulations and pharmaceutical industry standards.
  • B+ CBD has a wide range of products, including tinctures , capsules, and topicals . B+ CBD also has CBD gummies . However, they are currently out of stock.
  • The brand has a 60-day money-back guarantee . Customers may request a full refund if the product does not provide any benefits.

Cons of B+ CBD

  • There is a lack of information on the company behind the brand. At the time of this review, the website only has a PO box address. No information has been shared on the company’s origin and location.
  • The website also does not provide a thorough description of the products. Customers may also find it challenging to navigate through the products. Before buying a CBD product , shoppers tend to look for ingredients, potency, and concentration. This information is not available on the website.
  • The brand does not provide third-party laboratory test results on its website. There is no information regarding the products’ safety status. At the time of this writing, no information has been shared if the products are free from heavy metals , pesticides , and other contaminants .
  • The website does not provide any certificate of analysis. Customers shopping through the website may have trouble finding information on the products’ cannabinoid concentrations and potency.
  • The brand only ships to customers residing in the USA.
  • Lastly, the brand currently has an F rating in the Better Business Bureau. The brand received several complaints from customers, including questionable transactions and failure to issue refunds.

*These findings were observed according to the website’s content on October 6, 2020. Website content may change after this review.

Review of B+ CBD Products

B+ CBD Tinctures

B+ Pure CBD Oil

The B+ Pure CBD Oil is a CBD isolate that is advertised to contain 300mg of CBD. The CBD isolate in the product is emulsified in virgin hempseed oil. According to the website, each serving of B+ Pure CBD Oil contains 10mg of CBD (1 ) .

This B+ Pure CBD oil is an all-natural, THC-free product that comes in peppermint flavor.

Suggested use: Use the dropper to put one to two drops of CBD oil under the tongue.

B+ Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The B+ Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the brand’s most potent product. According to the website, the product’s formula contains 700mg of CBD. The B+ Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate mint.

B+ CBD Spray 700mg
The B+ CBD Sleep Spray is a full-spectrum CBD oil designed to promote sleep. This CBD oral spray comes in a chocolate mint flavor.
B+ CBD Capsules

B+ CBD Capsules contain 100% all-natural ingredients. According to the website, one bottle of B+ CBD Capsules is advertised to contain 300mg of CBD. Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD (2 ) .

Other ingredients of the B+ CBD Capsules include gelatin, rice flour, silica, and magnesium stearate.

Suggested use: Take one or more capsules orally, twice per day.

B+ CBD Topical Cream

Similar to the CBD tinctures , the B+ CBD Topical cream uses organic and non- GMO hemp. Each container of B+ CBD topical cream is advertised to contain 50mg of CBD.

The B+ CBD Topical Cream ’s blend consists of hemp extracts , beeswax, argan oil, aloe, and salicylic acid (3 ) .

Suggested use: Apply B+ CBD Topical Cream on the skin one to four times per day. This product is recommended for use after a bath or shower. Customers must avoid applying the product on the eyes, nose, ears, or mouth.

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Product Summary

Recommended for General wellness
Source of Hemp Organic and non- GMO hemp from the USA
Popular Products B+ Pure CBD Oil 300mg

B+ Full-spectrum CBD Oil 700mg

B+ Full-spectrum Sleep Spray 700mg

B+ CBD Topical Cream

B+ CBD Capsules – 10mg per serving

Additional $7.95 for the shipping fee

Free shipping for orders exceeding $75

Recommended for General Wellness

The brand recommends all B+ Pure CBD and other B+ CBD products for promoting wellness and supporting mood.

Source of Hemp

B+ CBD claims to use non- GMO organic hemp grown and harvested in the USA.

Popular Products

B+ Pure CBD Oil is the brand’s best selling product. Another customer favorite is B+ Full-spectrum CBD Oil in vanilla.

Types Sold

B+ CBD offers CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD.

Range of Products/Forms

B+ CBD offers CBD tinctures , CBD capsules , CBD cream, and CBD oral spray. The brand used to carry CBD gummies . However, they are currently out of stock.


All the products are priced at $69.99. However, shoppers may take advantage of the limited-time discount, reducing the price to $49.95. The website did not specify the discount period will last.

B+ CBD also offers bi- and tri-monthly subscription plans for CBD customers who want to receive regular supplies.

The B+ Pure CBD Oil subscription sends three bottles every three months for $149.95. The two-month subscription plan sends two bottles every two months for $99.90.

Extraction Method

B+ CBD claims to use the cold-pressed extraction method . The extraction process separates the compounds from the plant without using any chemicals.

Lab Testing Transparency & Availability

B+ CBD has not provided any lab results on their website.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

According to the brand’s official website, one serving of the B+ Pure CBD Oil provides 10mg of CBD. Meanwhile, one serving of the B+ CBD Capsules provides 10mg of CBD.


B+ CBD’s official website has not provided any information regarding the products’ potency.

THC Range of Products %

According to the product labels, the B+ Pure CBD Oil , B+ CBD Capsules , and B+ CBD Topical Cream do not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ), the cannabinoid that causes psychoactive effects.


B+ Pure CBD Oil comes in peppermint flavor. The B+ Full-spectrum CBD Oil comes in vanilla and mint chocolate flavors.

Tincture Carrier Oil

According to the product label, B+ Pure CBD Oil is emulsified in virgin hempseed oil.

Lab Results

B+ CBD has not posted third-party lab results on the official website. Third-party laboratory results are needed to verify the products’ concentration and safety for human and animal consumption.

Although the products have the GMP stamp of approval, the brand needs to provide more information on the formulation’s ingredients.


The company charges $7.95 for shipping. Purchases exceeding $75 entitles the shopper to free shipping in the US.

Customers may receive their orders within one to three business days after their orders have been processed and shipped.


B+ CBD products are produced in a facility that has a GMP accreditation. The GMP is a quality assurance certification that verifies that products are consistently created while standards are maintained.

Customers interested in trying B+ CBD products may take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee . According to the website, the money-back guarantee may cover unopened, used, and even fully-consumed products.

Refund Policy

Customers who are not satisfied with the product can request for a refund by calling 888-803-5108. They can return the product to the company by shipping to PO Box 152871, Tampa, FL 33684.


The brand has not provided any proof that their products are free from contaminants , such as heavy metals , pesticides , and herbicides.

Customer Service

At the time of this writing, discounts are offered throughout the website. The singular price of $69.99 for all products is reduced to $49.95. The website did not specify the discount period.

Customers may call the company through the phone number: 888-803-5108.

Countries Served

B+ CBD only ships to customers residing in the USA.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis plants (hemp and marijuana). Licensed farmers in the United States use hemp strains high in CBD and less than 0.3% THC .

Other cannabinoids found in hemp plants are cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabichromene (CBG). CBD oil products may also contain naturally-occurring terpenes .

CBD products are not to be mistaken for medical marijuana or cannabis oil. Marijuana and cannabis products are derived from cannabis plants that contain high l evels of THC .

Currently, there are three types of CBD products in the market.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids found in hemp, providing the user with the entourage effect.

The term “entourage effect” means the individual takes more of the supposed benefits provided by the cannabinoids when they are taken together than when taken individually.

Meanwhile, broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids found in the whole plant , except for THC . This type of CBD product is recommended for individuals who undergo regular drug tests .

Lastly, CBD isolates contain only pure CBD. No other cannabinoids are found in CBD isolates .

CBD isolates may come in powder form or already emulsified in carrier oils, such as hemp oil , hempseed oil, coconut oil, or virgin olive oil.

CBD oil comes in many forms, including tinctures (oil drops), vapes , edibles, capsules, and lotions.

Is CBD Legal?

The 2018 United States Farm Bill allows the production, transportation, and sale of hemp products that contain less than 0.3% THC . CBD oil counts as a hemp-derived product.

However, FDA regulations prohibit CBD brands from marketing CBD oil as a dietary supplement, medication, or food product (4 ) . CBD brands are also prohibited from making any health claims.

Regulations on how industrial hemp is manufactured may vary depending on the US states.

In Colorado , for example, brands are prohibited from adding industrial hemp derivatives (stalk and flower) to food (5 ) .

The state is also known for imposing strict governing laws on hemp producers and growers.

How Can You Find High-Quality CBD Oil?

Due to the lack of regulation, any CBD brand can claim that its products are high-quality and safe. However, individuals must ensure that these claims are supported by a certificate of analysis (COA).

The COA is a third-party laboratory result that determines how much cannabinoids are contained in the product.

Third-party laboratory tests also determine if the product is safe for human and animal consumption. These third-party laboratories test for the presence of herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances.

The extraction methods used for the products also matter to individuals who use CBD . Extraction methods , like CO 2 extraction or cold-pressed extraction, are usually preferred by many brands due to the absence of harmful solvents.

Moreover, the brands’ hemp source is another factor to consider when shopping for CBD oil . The highest-quality industrial hemp plants are found in US states with strict hemp farming regulations.

The best CBD oil products come from brands that provide customers with updated third-party laboratory results.

Does CBD Oil Provide Any Health Benefits?

The health benefits of CBD oil has been the subject of many scientific studies. Researchers have been studying CBD for its possible therapeutic benefits for chronic pain and inflammation (6 ) .

One particular study observed that transdermal CBD application provided pain relief in mouse models with induced-arthritis (7 ) .

Meanwhile, a study mentioned that CBD has protective effects on the cardiovascular system by acting as a vasorelaxant agent. The study continued that more research is needed to learn about CBD’s effect on heart disease (8 ) .

Another study acknowledged CBD’s neuroprotective benefits. A 2018 study demonstrated CBD’s neuroprotective effects on mice models with induced neurotoxicity and stroke (9 ) .

The authors later concluded that more studies are needed to verify CBD’s potential to treat neurological diseases, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The healthcare industry is gradually acknowledging CBD’s health benefits due to its antiepileptic properties.

Epidiolex is the first FDA -approved drug that contains CBD as its active ingredient. The drug has been proven to treat severe forms of child epilepsy in controlled trials (10 ) .

CBD has also been recognized for its potential therapeutic effects on mental health. A case study conducted in 2019 observed that CBD provides anxiolytic effects on volunteers suffering from anxiety (11 ) .

What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

CBD has been reported to cause diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite and weight. Although many studies mentioned that CBD is well-tolerated by most individuals (12 ) , experts insist caution is needed when using CBD (13 ) .

A 2019 study has demonstrated that CBD might lead to liver toxicity and damage when consumed in extremely high amounts. This side effect has been demonstrated on rat models administered with high amounts of cannabidiol (14 ) .

The authors mentioned that the CBD dosage used during the study does not apply to real-life scenarios. However, the observation served as a reminder that consuming CBD products in high doses might lead to potential health problems.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

CBD oils with the best strengths provide more than 300mg to 500mg of CBD per bottle. However, first-time users must start with one to two milligrams of CBD per dose before trying out extra-strength CBD products.

A 2019 review mentioned that a CBD dosage between less than 1 to 50mg per kilogram per day was enough to provide significant improvements during trials (15 ) .

Meanwhile, another study has concluded that CBD has a bell-shaped dose-response curve during an anxiety trial. The authors mentioned that the group that received 300mg of CBD provided significant improvements, while 150mg, 600mg, and placebo groups did not produce any changes (16 ) .


B+ CBD offers various CBD products that can deliver CBD topically with CBD cream, and orally through oil drops, sprays, and capsules. Still, individuals must consult with a licensed physician before taking CBD oil.

Note that the findings and data shared in this article were retrieved according to the website’s content on October 6, 2020. Website content may change without prior notice.

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