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aon cbd gummies

However, despite what Nixon may have wanted, the commissioned study actually found that cannabis had medicinal benefits. In addition, Shafer concluded that marijuana should be “de-scheduled” and “deregulated.”

In fact, she’s promised not to purchase her CBD from any other company and states that AON Mother Nature’s products have the greatest potency for the price.

AON Mother Nature Company Values

AON Mother Nature also strives to maximize the positive benefits of each formulation by incorporating unique terpene profiles. Over time, they continually adjust each terpene profile to ensure their customers are getting the most effective and healthful CBD products possible.

There, he learned of President Nixon’s Shafer Commission, which was tasked with finding evidence that would lead to marijuana’s permanent classification as a “Schedule I” substance.

Last, but not least, this superior-quality hemp oil is then extracted using carbon dioxide. This solvent-free extraction ensures customers are getting all the benefits of hemp with no unwanted chemical solvents.

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