Debunking Myths: Learn The Truth About Cannabis At The Farm

In a world where information is at our fingertips, misconceptions can spread quickly. Particularly, misunderstood topics such as cannabis often become the victim of circulating myths. Here at The Farm, we have a passion for providing accurate, well-sourced information you can trust. In this blog, we are going to debunk some common myths surrounding cannabis.

The Myth: All Cannabis Gets You High

It’s a common myth that all cannabis strains will inevitably make you high. The truth, however, is far more complex. There are different types of cannabis, each with varying compositions of cannabinoids – the chemical compounds contained in the plant. In particular, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound responsible for creating psychoactive effects or ‘highs’. But not every strain carries a high percentage of THC. Some strains, such as CBD-dominant ones, possess very little THC, turning the psychoactive effects virtually non-existent.

The Myth: Cannabis Is Addictive

Another common belief is that cannabis is as addictive as hard drugs like heroin or cocaine. This is far from true. While it isn’t completely risk-free, the rate of dependency in cannabis users is quite low compared to these substances. According to a report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 9% of cannabis users become dependent – significantly less than users of tobacco (32%), heroin (23%), or alcohol (15%).

The Myth: More THC Means Better Quality, Stronger Effects

The third myth we are debunking is the common belief that more THC means better product quality and stronger effects. While THC does play a part in the effect cannabis has on the body, it’s not the only responsible component. In fact, other compounds like CBD and terpenes have crucial roles too and together contribute to a phenomenon called the “entourage effect”. This concept suggests that these components work better together, rather than alone.

At The Farm, it’s our mission to provide you with accurate, timely and beneficial information regarding cannabis. We hope this blog has debunked some of the common myths circulating the world of cannabis. Remember, Education before Recreation!”