Debunking Myths About Cannabis Flower at Terp Bros Dispensary

There has been a substantial measure of misinformation and myths preoccupying the public mind concerning Cannabis Flower, also known as marijuana or weed. In this blog post, we aspire to debunk some of the prevalent myths associated with Cannabis Flower, particularly those relating to our products at Terp Bros Dispensary.

The Myth of Psychological Dependency

One of the most common myths about Cannabis Flower is that it leads to psychological dependency, and people can’t function without it. While it’s true that a certain percentage of users may develop a dependency, it should be noted that the propensity is much lower compared to other substances such as nicotine or alcohol. According to a study that we found on NIH’s website, only 9% of marijuana users end up being clinically dependent, which is relatively small compared to 32% and 15% for tobacco and alcohol respectively.

The “Gateway Drug” Fallacy

Another commonly encountered myth is that marijuana is a “gateway” drug leading to the use of harder substances. In reality, the vast majority of Cannabis Flower users do not convert to harder drugs. An article published by the Drug Policy Alliance confirmed that marijuana does not cause people to use hard drugs. What the gateway theory presents is an illusion, a mere correlation and not causation.

Marijuana’s Effect on Memory

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana usage doesn’t entail long-term cognitive impairment. While it’s true that marijuana can interfere temporarily with short-term memory, long-term users often develop a tolerance to this negative side effect. More importantly, studies, like the one we found on the Journal of Neuroscience, clarified that even high doses of marijuana don’t lead to permanent brain damage.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it’s clear that much of the negativity surrounding Cannabis Flower is based on myths and misinformation. Here at Terp Bros Dispensary, education and transparency are the cornerstones of our relationship with our customers. By debunking such myths, we hope to offer better clarity on the beneficial aspects of Cannabis Flower and other products we provide.