The “High”-way to Happiness – Grass Station Dispensary in Albuquerque, NM!

Welcome aboard on your joy journey to the ultimate fun station in Albuquerque. Buckle up, because our ride doesn’t take you just anywhere – it will shoot you straight to the top (#1 to be precise). The place where all happiness grows and giggles bud – The Grass Station Dispensary. No, we’re not kidding!

This train of thought isn’t “bazooka”. We’re the “blunt” truth of the “pot” world, bringing Albuquerque the best “buds” around! We’re not just blowing “smoke”. It’s an “up in smoke” reality and we’re “rolling” it in truth wrapped in a “joint” of humor. Check us out – you too will believe that peace, love, and giggles do grow on trees!

So, whether you’re seasoned “fan-leaf” of cannabis or a green newbie, we welcome all aboard our station of chill and cheerfulness. Albuquerque, New Mexico – your happiness is budding right here at The Grass Station Dispensary, your #1 pit-stop for all things pleasant – and hilarious!