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120 cbd gummies

Sin with a clear conscience. As our CBD Gummies are Vegan, 100% natural, Halal and lactose-free. CBD Gummies – Mixed Fruit (120mg) come in four fresh fruity flavors. Moreover, they’re enriched with Vitamin C to ensure that the CBD is absorbed by the mouth’s tissue more quickly. Additionally, vitamin C acts as a natural support to strengthen the immune system.

Black Currant: (Purple)
Lime: (Green)
Strawberry: (Red)
Orange: (Orange)

‘CBD Gummies – Mixed Fruit (120mg)’ contains 30 pieces of CBD Gummies with 4 mg CBD in four delicious flavors. 100% Natural, Vegan, Halal and Dairy Free and enriched with vitamin C.


Every bag of SupMedi CBD Gummies (120mg) contain the following flavors:

The sweets contain 4 mg CBD per piece. Considering one Supmedi CBD Melt Tablet contains 24 mg CBD, you’re allowed to be excessive with the gummies. Though the lower dosage per sweet also helps you easily determine your ideal personal dosage. For beginners and the curious, the gummies are a good way to slowly but surely find out how (or how much) CBD works best for them.

Discover our delicious SupMedi CBD Gummies. One bag contains approximately 30 pieces of Mixed Fruit CBD Gummies with vitamin C. These sweets are 100% Natural, Vegan, Halal and Dairy Free and contain 4 mg CBD per gummy. With a total CBD content of 120 mg per bag.

Treat, share, but above all enjoy. Be sweet to yourself, indulging has never had so many benefits. My Sweet CBD Crush.

When applied to the affected area the CBD works quickly to reduce pain making it ideal to use during play or after your round as part of recovery.

This combination pack contains 1100mg of CBD and is certified THC free.

CBD is also an anti-inflammatory which makes our hand blended CBD body salve the ideal treatment for a golfer’s aches and pains. Our formula harnesses the spirit-lifting properties of the hemp plant and is particularly effective in helping ease the symptoms of arthritis, golfer’s elbow, joint pain and back pain.

This combination pack contains 700mg of CBD and is certified THC free.

10% is our standard strength oil with each drop delivering 5mg of CBD. Recommended application is to take 2-3 drops under the tongue 15 minutes before play. Hold the oil under your tongue for 45 seconds to help the CBD enter the system quickly. Repeat the application on the 10th tee.

Our combination pack of gummies, 10% CBD oil and salve is ideal for golfers looking to benefit from a CBD routine to aid wellness on and off the golf course. A CBD routine is used by many of our professionals to aid preparation, performance and recovery, as well as contribute to overall health and wellness.

Our vegan friendly gummies taste great and are easy to consume. We recommend taking 2-4 sweets per day.