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1000mg cbd gummies reddit

We sell JustCBD at my smoke shop, and we’ve all tested the products we sell.

Normal CBD products typically do simply relax, maybe at worst/best a little “buzz” However, JustCBD I wouldn’t trust personally. They’re one of the brands getting sued for not containing advertised ingredients and I believe (not 100%, did get busted lacing their products with phenibut or other stuff (That maybe HempBombs tbh)) but still. If they’re pulling one trick or not testing correctly, who knows what’s in them.

Cannabis ingested produces different effects.

I've got this exact same thing. Been taking two every morning for the past week. No issues. Makes me feel relaxed and less anxious feeling.

We’ve noticed that JustCBD makes you sleepy compared to our other gummies. This is the first I’m hearing of a class action, hopefully they’re not scummy

So, I got a bottle of CBD 1000mg from CBDistillery from a friend of mine. The great thing is that it's been working WONDERS for my anxiety and my migraines. I haven't felt this great in awhile. Now, when I'm doing some research on this subreddit it seems like people are starting at lower dosages. My friend told me to take half to a full dropper. Is that too much? Should I start trying to take a little less and see if it still works?

It is pretty expensive, but it works so great that I'm not really willing to give it up. I've been considering capsules cause they seem more economical, but if I'm used to such a high dosage I feel like they might not even work. Has anyone else had experience with this?